Being a God Mother

My best friend has asked me to be a god mum to her little boy and i'm ecstatic!

I know what being a god parents entails in the long term but I've never been to a Christening before so wondered if someone could tell me what happens step by step at a Christening and what my "Role" is on the day?

Is there anything i need to do or anything?


  • Congrats! It's such a lovely thing to be asked to do Smile H and I have 7 Godchildren between us and have been to a fair few Christenings and Naming Days. Much of it is up to how much your friend wants you to do practically, for example helping get the venue ready and setting up, helping the LO get ready on the day so the parents can get sorted etc.

    The ceremony itself is quite straightforward and in my experience the Godparents have sat in the front pew until called forward to the font, asked to repeat some lines and make promises then given a lit candle to keep. We then stepped forward and everybody lit a bigger candle together from our small candles iyswim. I have been asked to do readings at each of ours, but again that's up to your friend. We then had tons of photos and on to the after party!

    Hope that helps!

  • Ah sorry Estrellita I've only just come back to this! I don't think I've got a lot of things to do on the day but I can defiantly help get LO sorted and help out at the "party" afterwards.

    I feel really blessed that they've asked me and blubbed down the phone to her.

    Thanks for replying!

  • No probs! Let us know how it all goes and enjoy it xx

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