Best and worst buys

ladies please can you share with me your best buys and your worst buys

there are lots of things iv heard about since being here that i didnt know existed previously, like the poddle pod and the morrck etc.

im wondering if im missing out on anything else.

thanks !



  • Good shout Monnie, will watch this with interest...

  • Oh Good thread! I will be watching with interest!

  • You'll find everyone is so different, some people's worsts are other people's bests! Haha!

    Best for us - probably our pram (Stokke Xplory) love it so much and it suits us brilliantly. Will have to switch to a Bugaboo Donkey when no.2 comes along but for now we're going to keep using the Xplory.

    Worst - a cot hahaha, he refused to sleep in it so it was a completely pointless buy. Also I had a huge irrational pregnant fit about it, MIL was going to give us H's old baby cot but I wanted a particular mattress (the SleepCurve one) and it didn't fit so she bought us the mattress and a new cot. I feel embarrassed now, would have been ok if he'd actually got any use out of it, but he hasn't!

  • At the moment I would say the tiny love play mat; Tripp Trapp highchair and tiny love cot mobile.  The latter two are both still being used by Zoe at 5 yrs old, well not the mobile bit of the cot mobile but the music box bit.

  • Best- bednest, morrck, muslins (world's vomitiest baby) cheeky wipes, pram, sling.

    Worst- bouncer (screamed every time he went in it) swing (ditto) pretty babygros from mamas and papas with poppers up the back (I didn't realise until I tried putting one on quite how much of an *** they were), bumbo (really just didnt get much use.)

  • Lol, you can't say a r s e.

  • Best buy - manduca sling. Use it all the time with newborn this time around and was still using it -if she was desperately tired - for toddler when I was pregnant (she is 2&half)

    Worst buy - newborn sized clothes. First baby never really fitted in and 2nd baby was over his birth weight by day5 and out of newborn sizes very quickly!
  • Best for me is my connecta sling, 2 babies on and it's still great. Bouncy chair for number one was a lifesaver along with the sling because he had such bad reflux I couldn't put him down flat, number 2 hated the chair though!

    Worst- bumbo, both hated it, changing table- I used our tall drawers for upstairs and the floor if downstairs, nursing chair- the arms were the wrong height so I wasn't comfy in it
  • Best buy with C was the Connecta - the boy lived in it for months. That and those open ended sleepsuits, rather than the ones that do up with poppers. Nappy changes were so easy.

    Worst buy, baby bath. Never really used, he either went in the sink or was dunked in the big bath. The baby bath just got in the way.

  • Best buy - muslins

    Worst buy - door bouncer, but only beacue we have an old house and not any door frames to hang it on.

  • Best - Muslins (I have them everywhere!!), sleeping bags, connecta, white vests! ( my funky patterned ones are barely used as white go better under clothes!)

    Worse - swing / bouncer - she will only stay in them for 5 mins max

  • Best - sling, Morrck, nappy disposal unit, Medela swing pump

    Worst - manual pump, outfits other than babygros for the first few months

  • Spikeygoodness - I'm thinking about getting cheeky wipes, how many do you have? Do you wash them in with your other clothes?

  • I'm about to have a 4.5y age gap and had got rid of most things first time so I've had to buy new this time, things I've bought again are morrck hoody and sling (moby is my preference will get something like connecta in a few weeks),

    I love our changing table but I have things sorted by type and size in baskets so find it easier when they're tiny.

    This time I have a babybay cot as I know from experience I want something bedside and easy for me to feed the baby during the night.

    I also have a bugaboo bee for this baby, I wanted one last time and regret not getting it (cost issue) so this time I feel happy and I'm sure I'll be using it for a long time.

    Like JB we're also still using our Tripp trapp and it's over 4 years old, it's been great for growing with my son and letting him comfortably sit for meals and crafts at the table.

  • Best for us- muslins (lots and lots), bugaboo chameleon, now he is a bit older jumperoo.

    Worst- Moses basket (outgrown by 8 weeks), bumbo (luckily borrowed to try first as he hated it), swing (hated it and cried after a minute) clothes for under 3 months as I kept him in babygrows for comfort!

  • Best- medala swing pump, angel care nappy bin, poddle pod, baby bath (just to be contrary!), sola pram system, lanisinoh (sp?!) cream

    Worst - manual pump, crib (he refuses to go in it!) 'coming home' outfit from hospital - never worn as didn't want to wake him to change him!

    Only 3 weeks in so I'm sure there'll be more added to each list!

  • PP- we've got 2 sets, so 50 wipes, and we do just throw them in with clothes as we use disposable nappies so no dedicated nappy washes. Every so often the cheeky wipes get a really hot wash. I'd love them, so much better than disposable wipes.

    I have a hands and faces kit too for cleaning up post-meals, and they're also fab.

  • Best - Ikea Antilop highchair, Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer

    Worst - Bumbo (went back on ebay after a week as E hated it and tried to shoot himself out!), Airwrap for cot (was rubbish), Ewan the Dream Sheep (didn't work and ate batteries).

  • Best - morrck hoodie, muslins, big muslins (used for swaddling), white noise app (sleep bug on the iPad), dry shampoo for me! Gro blackout blind

    Worst - top and tail bowl, bumbo (borrowed it, he's so not fussed so at least we didn't buy it), breast pads (I only leaked once the first time S slept through)

  • Gro bag. We used blankets until around 6 months when he started to wiggle and roll and blankets were rendered useless. A grobag is invaluable now, the amount he crawls, climbs etc in his cot. He'd never be covered all night in blankets.

    Jumperoo. Just so I can put him somewhere safe and eat my tea, even now at 1year!

    Sling. Giving me back my hands in the early days and for dog walking now.

    Movement monitor. For complete peace of mind.

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