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I am sure this is done to death but the search function doesnt seem to work properly for me.

So, recommend your nappies!

With Miss CV, I didn't rate any of the own brand but seemed to be always able to find decent offers on my preferred brands (huggies in early days; pampers seemed to suit better as she got older). But I've been keeping half an eye out for months now for good deals, and it seems that with Huggies gone, the days of really good offers on Pampers have gone too and the difference in price between own brand and Pampers seems pretty significant.

I know in theory I could just buy a pack from everywhere and make my own call but would prefer to start with recommendations as I remember some of the own brands I tried being REALLY rubbish and got a bit stressed with all the leaking / staining / waste of money!

Thanks in advance (again!).


  • We used Asda Little Angels and never had a problem with them. Preferred them to all branded nappies

  • We use ASDA Little Angels and have had no problems at all.

  • ASDA little angels here, been fab.

  • Kiddicare ones are brilliant. You get a month's supply for £20. We've never had a problem with them x

  • Another one for Kiddicare.

  • Great, thanks - I dont shop in Asda so had never tried Little Angels, so will start with a pack from there and maybe Kiddicare if you can get smaller supplies and postage isnt expensive (I'm not on mainland UK)

    Then maybe Boots (I like my points!) or Tesco (I shop there), and that'll be enough to start me off.

  • Unfortunately kiddicare ones only come in big packs. Kiddicare and Morrisons are now the same company so their nappies might be worth a try x

  • I generally used tesco own brand nappies for ethan and we got on fine with them.  This time I've switched to aldi - they're £2.99 for 50 so I figured it wasn't z huge loss if I hated them. In 3 months we've had one leak and no nappy rash since switching to them - I'm so impressed

  • Yep Asda Littles Angels here too, Aldi are good as well

  • Aldi nappies are really rated on which.

  • So Kiddicare have a £7.99 delivery charge where I live and we don't have Morrison's or Aldi - grrr!!

    Fingers crossed Asda or Tesco will do the job for us!

    Thanks again.

  • I'd really recommend aldi nappies. We started using huggies and wouldn't rate them and we've been using pampers and aldi since. I would say aldi are as good as pampers you just don't have the colour indicator and they're less than half the price. I went and stocked up yesterday. £1.69 for 24 nappies is a bargain

  • I'm having a nightmare at the moment with nappies, the only ones that seem to store the children's wees during the night are the Aldi ones.  I've got Asda and Pampers on the go at the moment, but once i'm run out i'll be back to Aldi.

  • Do you have lidl? Theirs are much the same

  • Wow 24 nappies for £1.69!

  • We don't have an aldi near by, so when my mum comes to visit I put my order in for her to bring them.

  • I use Aldi nappies for my little boy and have never had any leaks and he has never had a nappy rash, xx

  • I guess it's more the early days that matters? My son has had pretty much every type out there and no too many problems. Sometimes leaks are user error and/or not being quite the right size. I never rated Huggies as they felt too cheap for a main brand, and their wipes are rubbish (I think anyway). Tesco value ones were ok (hubby had to buy emergency ones once) but they arent as absorbant so need changing sooner -false economy that. There is one make of pampers that are also cheaper but less absorbant. i forget which they were as i only got them once on special offer. Right now we have Tesco and asda own brands on the go. I used to have more absorbent ones for nighttime but don't bother anymore.

    I've got newborn pampers for this one as that is what I had last time, and free in hospital. But within a few weeks I'm sure I had other brands too.

    I never look at the prices so no idea how much they are. Which maybe I should, but I just buy as and when I need to. In all other aspects my boy is cheap to keep, I guess if I'd had to buy formula / baby food etc I would think more about it, but I haven't so I'm not bothered.

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