Best sling for newborn - 9months?

I know there's been loads of sling threads lately so I do apologise for another one but i can't seem to search on my phone so was hoping for a bit of advice as I know there's a lot of sling fans here

i had bought a double buggy (a Phil and teds) as was sure I needed one and that I didn't want to sling. But it just isn't practical at all for me to be using the double pushchair. I'm avoiding it altogether now as fund it so heavy and hard to steer so am currently using my old single pushchair and W is walking. My plan is to get a sling so for longer walks w can go in the single pushchair and I can sling B.

we currently have a baby bjorn which is ok but I know slings are a lot better and more supportive.

i don't need one to use long term as in another 6-9 months W will be much better at walking so won't need to use the pushchair at all and B can use it. 

So I want to know what you recommend for use for a newborn up to about 9months. Ideally one that's easy to put on and off, and not too expensive to pick up second hand. I'm hoping to get someone to buy it me for Xmas. 

There doesn't seem to be any sling libraries  near me so hoping for a bit of advice of what to use from you lovely ladies


  • I have a close carrier and find it really easy to use. I also have a connecta which I love for when they're a bit bigger. I know you can use it from birth but I prefer the close for the earlier days. I got hold of both second hand x

  • The stretchy ones that ideal for newborn (I.e. close, moby) will last till approx 6months but not 9momths - due to baby's weight by then.  However you could look at connecta/manduca/ergo/etc. The manduca has a newborn *thingy* to lift baby up so they are in the right place (you should be able to kiss baby's head), I would say borrow a Moby for couple weeks from sling library and buy a manduca to use from 6weeks onwards :-)

  • Oh and don't forget leg warmers - winter is fast approaching!!

  • I have a moby which I loved when p was tiny and will

    Use again for this one. I am going to get a connecta as well though as I didn't like the moby as much as she got bigger. You an use connecta's from birth so that might be a good one.

  • Thanks ladies that's all really useful.

    I'll try and have a read up on them this afternoon and will no doubt have more questions for you!

    Have just had a quick google of them to see what they look like and was wondering about the moby- from what I could see on pictures is it essentially a big piece of martial that you have to wrap around you and the baby rather than being already made to the shape of a carrier if that makes sense? If so is it easy to get the hang of doing it and easy to do it while out and about if you need to put it on quickly while holding baby?

  • The Moby does take a bit of practice - but once you can do it - its easy, yes. I recommend a mirror (or shop/car window / other reflective surface!)  Oh and you tube has lots of videos for How to tie moby & how to get baby in/out. Also (more advanced skills) how to BF from sling if you want to attempt that too!

  • With a Moby, you can pre-tie, so pop it on before you go out and then when you need to swap baby out of the buggy into the sling you just pop them in. I doubt you'd get to 9mths with one though.

    I'm a big fan of woven wraps, but in the situation you've described something like a Connecta is probably your best bet. Folds down small into the basket of the buggy or change bag. Takes less than a minute to get on and baby in. No ties, clip clip clip and you're done :)

    Where are you located? Is there a sling meet you can get to to try before you buy?

  • It doesn't necessarily need to last me until 9 months, 6 months would probably be fine I think ( and if I really thought at that point I needed it longer I could always get something else ).

    I can't find any local sling meets near me. I live in Lancashire but in a small town so not many facilities near me and I don't have the car midweek so limite with how far I can go yo get to one.

    I'm thinking if I can get one second hand then if I really don't get on with it I could always then sell it on .

    Sounds like the connecta is a popular one with a lot of you so may have a look at that

  • Chester and Eastbourne sling libraries both do postal hire. There are some great buying and selling sling pages on Facebook too. Slings and Things FSOT is a big one and Babywearing FSOT is very friendly :)

  • The close is a similar principle to the moby but its already "tied" up IYSWIM.

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