Bf baby going all day without asking for milk - would you offer more often?

H is almost 8 months, ebf and combination BLW and purée weaned. He'll often go all day without milk ie have feed about 4 or 5 am then nothing until 4-6pm. I can offer but he doesn't seem interested and is easily distracted. 

He doesn't sleep though the night And I'm wondering if he's hungry and I should be offering him milk more often. He's offered water but again doesn't always drink a lot. Any thoughts?


  • I'm no BF expert, but in general babies of that age still need a decent amount of milk in their diet, so yes i would be offering more often or expressing and seeing if he'd take from a cup or bottle.

  • WLWOS. I'd offer ever couple of hours and continue offering water in a cup.

  • We are formula fed but I think the same principle applies in that I offer milk before food on each occasion.  E should be having 20oz a day which is 4x5oz bottles as an absolute minimum which some days I find tricky as she just refuses. I keep offering, but she doesn't want it and cries for real food. Banging the highchair! We had a stage just before 8 months where  wouldn't tolerate the bottle anywhere near her mouth whatsoever!  Nightmare. We had days of 2oz all day!  So could be a phase but yes I'd definitely offer more.

  • Thanks i will def offer more now. He's never really asked for food and I think that's the problem but I need to just make sure he has the opportunity more even if he rejects it.

    LM - our lo's seem to follow a pattern to try us!

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