BFG christenings C4

on now. if you are need of inspiration.

A bit more low brow than Hollywood's TV recommendation...


  • all that fabric and decoration around the cribs surely isn't very safe

  • Must admit I'm finding some of the attitudes quite sad this week.

    Telling their daughters that babies are bought from the hospital, and referring to breastfeeding as disgusting both make me feel sorry for their poor kids.

  • I'm actually shocked by their attitude and how it's ok to break every guideline going because 'it's the traveller way'. If a 'normal' family did some of these things so openly social services would be involved I'm sure.

  • 3 hours late??????

  • I'm quite shocked at the attitude of that young girl towards her twins - the Red Bull etc

    The bfeeding comments, putting the cigarette to that tiny babes lips!

  • So awful!!! Worst one ever! Thought I'd seen it all!

  • Watching it on +1. Was the MW telling off the Mum for feeding her newborn baby (Precious?) actual proper food?

  • Apparently Sshh travellers believe a child should be given a 'little taste' of as many different foods as early as possible to stop them being fussy eaters later :/

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