Birth plan with an elective CS?

With W I wrote a birth plan as I was meant to be having a straight forward vaginal delivery.  none of it went to plan and I ended up with a emergency CS. 

This time option having an elective CS. So do you still write a birth plan? I'm just wondering if there's much point as its kind of all already planned out and arranged if you have an elective isn't it and you don't really have many choices of different things like you do through your labour. 

If you did a birth plan what did you put in it? And when do you give it to them? I have a 34 week appointment with the consultant to book the date etc so do I give it then or Ron the day when I go into hospital? 

Also, did anyone's husband look round the screen during surgery? Is it allowed? It was all a bit chaotic last time and he concentrated on me during the op as I didn't really know what was going on and kept wanting to be sick, but am hoping it will be lots calmer this time and was wondering if he'd be able to see baby actually being lifted out? He's not sure yet if he would want to but if he does it would be nice to have the option as he doesn't get to see her being pushed out with a normal delivery so don't want him to feel like he's missed out on that. 


  • I didn't have a birth plan with Jacob's ELCS and don't this time but both H and I know the things which are really important to us - BFing asap, him to stay with baby if baby needs to go anywhere. There's a few things which I will mention on the day or at my pre-op next week, largely to do with 24 hour discharge, needing someone experienced to place the cannula (not easy on me) and the need to take cord blood at birth due to antibodies.

    I think H did peek last time and saw Jacob arrive, I guess he will do the same this time but haven't asked him - you could ask for the screen to be lowered so you both get to see her come out.

  • I did do a birth plan but it never even came out of my bag.  It was more for us both to know we were on the same page and we did discuss some of the things at our pre-op appointment the day before.   H was told he could look over the screen if he wanted and was also given the option of cutting the cord (although after it had actually been cut IYSWIM) but this was absolutely the worst thing possible for him as he is terrified of hospitals !

  • I did a birth plan and i am so glad i did as i got everything on it!!! I asked for -

    Immediate skin to skin (they left my gown open and put her straight inside and we bonded for a good 20 mins before she was cleaned up and weighed).

    Breastfeeding asap (i fed her as they stitched me up)

    H trimmed her cord

    They lifted her up over the screen for us to see as she was delivered

    Vitamin k

    So for me it was well worth having the birth plan.

  • Is the birth plan not part of your notes too? Last time I saw MW she asked about skin to skin, vitamin k, cord cutting etc and wrote it all in there? Hubby has been briefed too.

    Hubby looked last time (EMCS) and reckoned he saw my spine? Doubtful. But given he left the room every time I'd had bloods in MW apps I was just impressed he came into theatre in first place. Even if I was sick on him. Lol.

  • I didn't bother with a birth plan at all and I wasn't having a section. They just asked me as he was being born if I wanted him straight on my chest and if H was cutting the cord etc. Things moved that quickly that even if I had written one they wouldn't have had time to read it!

  • I wrote a couple of things down because I was quite specific about some stuff that had been a consequence of my first experience. I asked this over with my consultant before the day and I made sure staff in the theatre knew the important bits I wanted them to know. I don't think it necessarily has to be written out in a plan but if there are things that are important to you, go ahead.

  • Maisiemoo that sounds amazing.

    I think I will write one and if nothing else it can be useful for H to read through to know what I want to help me remember to ask for things on the day like immediate skin to skin

  • No I didn't, I just asked for immediate skin to skin if all ok

  • It was an amazing experience! X

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