Birth reflections appointment - FAO Cornelius

I know you were thinking of arranging one of these recently. I had mine today so thought I would post to let you (and anyone else who's interested) what it was like.

The midwife doing it was lovely. Very patient and quite objective which was what I needed as I think I'd have got a bit weepy otherwise.

She read through my notes in chronological order, explaining what happened at what time. Because I was induced, I was on the monitor the whole time and she had the printout of the trace so pointed out what my contractions were doing, what S's heart rate was doing etc while talking me through the decisions that were made.

I had a pretty huge blood loss when I got up to shower 3 hours after delivery and she was able to explain all of the contributions towards that. 

We then discussed what this meant for any future labours if I'm mad enough to do it again! I would be higher risk so no midwife led unit for me. Disappointing but I'm glad I know in advance and I totally get why.

It was so worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone even if it was just a case of things being a bit hazy for you.

Hope this helps.

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