Birthday cake ideas please

So W is two in a fortnight and I need to think of what to do for her cake. 

last year I bough a plain white iced cake and stuck smarties round the edge and jelly tots in the middle in the shape of a number 1. I'm not very arty or good at baking so that's an example of my skill level.! 

Please inspire me with easy cake ideas, flashes welcome. I know I could just buy one with a character picture etc on but like the idea of one decorated by me ( even id its a bit rubbish), as think it's more personal. 

So any inspiration would be great as I haven't got any ideas! 


  • I'm not great at cake decorating but knew I'd be annoyed if it turned out looking crap so I normally get them made professionally. The ones I've done myself have been very straightforward though

    These are 2 of the ones I've made myself - the chocolate finger one is so easy and I just put a Thomas the Tank ribbon round it

  • Not a birthday cake but I did this for our Christmas cake last year. I got a little set of star cutters online, they're like plungers, really easy to use. You could do something similar in the shape of a 2?

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