I've spoken to some lovely MD ladies before about this but wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences.

F is now 4 weeks old and at birth we thought he had a stork bite. He was jaundice so it didnt seem as prominent as his skin was darker. Since then it has got redder so not sure if its getting bigger or its always been that way. I will talk to the doctor about it at his 6 week check but I'm now worried that it looks like a strawberry mark and being close to his eye it may continue to grow and affect his vision. 

What do you think? 

This was him at 3 days old..

The other two photos taken yesterday..


  • My little girl has one like that on her bottom. It did very very slowly fade and now at 6 you would never know it was there

  • Did they say what type it was and did it get bigger? :-)

  • I think four weeks is still quite early. B had one on her forehead, but a darker red colour and more spread out like someone had sprinkled paint on her,  it went down her forehead and to the top of her nose. It has pretty much faded altogether now, sometimes you can see it a little bit if she she's pale.

    B is 14 weeks and I'd say it took about ten weeks to fade. Worth asking the doctor when he has his check though.

  • Thanks JT :-) I've taken a few photos to see if its getting worse/bigger but it hasn't seemed to in the last two weeks.

  • O had marks similar to those in size and redness on the back of his neck, now at 4 months old they have virtually disappeared.

  • Thanks Noodle :-)

    When he was born it looked just like a 'stork bite' pale in colour and flat, it didnt look like a strawberry.

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

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