Biting when bfing

Any tips how to stop it? My other 2 weren't biters but S (8 months) has started sinking his razor sharp teeth into my nipple when he's not getting his milk fast enough. He did it a couple of days ago and I'm in agony still when I feed him and there's 2 slits in the nipple. Will need to avoid feeding from that side for a few feeds cos it's so sore but he doesn't like feeding from the other side as my supply is low


  • I was recommended to delatch put baby down and walk away. I was going to say the important thing is to find out why they are doing it but you've got that figured already. With mine it was because it came out too fast. You can never win can you?<sigh>

  • I wanted to keep feeding til he self weaned but if he keeps this up I'll need to stop. My boob has bern throbbing for 2 days now. Will try putting him down and walking away. Thanks QI

  • I have no advice sorry ally but I can empathise with you totally as my first did exactly the same at 8 months. I had to stop feeding which broke my heart.

    She lacerated my nipples so had no choice. hugs xx
  • Ouch!!! A did this at about 6-7 months...I was 'bad' and yelped when he bit, he jumped off and looked shocked but it stopped very quickly. Definitely say a firm 'no' and walk away. Really hope it stops quickly, I don't know how you are still going with actual cuts!

  • Mine took a chunk out of my nipple and I did the same as smarties. It really upset her but she learned very quickly not to do it. My nipple was agony with bite marks in it. I worried it was the beginning of the end but she soon learnt not to bite the yelping milk cow!

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