Blanket Help...

I feel like a right doughnut even asking this! I know I need to get sheets for the mattress for the moses / carry cot. But what else?

A blanket - Does it matter if its fleece, cellular cotton, or? My Mum has done a 'Shawl' - isn't that just a blanket? Looks like one to me!

More Sheets? - I read somewhere that you should put a sheet under the blanket (i.e. over baby)?

Thanks for any help.... can I blame baby brain yet? Huh?


  • i bought a crib bale,

    it came with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet a fleece blanket and a cellular blanket.

    iv put the fitted sheet on the mattress and then the fitted sheet like a holiday sheet, if that makes sense, to go on top of baby, then the cellular blanket, i wont use the fleece but im due in may so dont think it will be necessary .

  • We used sleeping bags from about 4 weeks, but before that I used a cellular blanket. The holes in it made me feel a little more comfortable in case she wriggled and it went over her face. My mum crocheted a shawl which I now use in the pram as it's quite big. Remember that if you fold a blanket in half it acts like two blankets. S now has a cotton type blanket for daytime naps.

    If I were you I'd get 3 or 4 cellular blankets for the moses basket (one in use, one spare and a couple in the wash - there'll be lots of sick!)

  • We swaddled to start with so didn't use much else. I know there is some hooha about swaddling but it was the only way he'd sleep. We bought fitted sheets, cellular blankets and a couple of cotton swaddle blankets. After a month or so we started using sleeping bags...they're amazing as babies can be very wriggly!

  • We bought a moses basket bedding starter set from Babies R Us. It has a cellular blanket, a fitted sheet, a lovely soft popcorn blanket and a waffle blanket I think. I then bought a couple of extra cellular blankets.

    For sleeping we only used the cellular blankets and then once he was big enough we bought Gro Bags. The popcorn blanket was lovely to put on him when out in the car seat.

  • Thanks all. I have sleeping bags but I think baby might be too little for them to start with (can't remember the weight they have to be).

    Smarties - I've been looking at swaddling, I can't understand why you couldn't just use a blanket to wrap them up tightly? Probably being dimb again though!

  • You can just use a blanket but it needs to be long and none of my attempts ever lasted more than 10 minutes!

  • F doesn't like his arms to be swaddled so he sleeps, arms out, in a summer swaddleme and covered with a woollen blanket. We've had limited use out of the cellular blankets.

  • We have 2 x cot fitted sheets and 2 x Moses (pram carry cot!) fitted sheets, 2 x cellular blankets and sleeping bags (the boots ones you can use from 7lb 6oz (ish!) which is less than other brands. We used them from night 2 as she kicked blankets off on night one and we were all confused!

  • We were bought about 10 fleece blankets as gifts. We use these on floor as mats and over me and her when we have morning snuggles!

  • I only used a fitted sheet and cellular blankets really. A flat sheet like moonie describes could be a hazard to newborns. He was swaddled but in a proper swaddle thing as blankets weren't stretchy and he could get out of my attempts! He then slept in a pod with his sleeping bag.

  • I had flat sheets and fitted sheets, can't use the flat sheets as he pulls them up to put in his mouth! I only brought a couple of cellular blankets and got brought loads as presents. I wouldn't sleep in a grow bag until nearly 4.5 months so my blankets were well used!

  • We used cellular blankets to swaddle but R would break out of the swaddle & wake up, we did this for about 8weeks. I then got a groswaddle it is amazing R started sleeping for longer periods & struggled to break free, although she can break her arms free now but doesn't wake up.,default,pd.html#q=gro%20swaddle

    Plan to move onto a sleeping bag when R is big enough for the one we got to match nursery.

  • At first S slept under a cellular blanket folded in half but then his reflux made him unsettled so we switched to swaddling. We used the big muslins for this, they were good. I think blankets generally aren't big enough for swaddling and also a thick one could make baby quite warm. When he calmed down a bit we switched to sleeping bags.

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