Bleeding **updated**

Within the last half an hour i've started bleeding. Not brown spotting but bright red blood. I'm 6 weeks today. 

I don't have any cramps. Yet. I guess i just wait and see do i?! 

This is too familiar. Serves me right for starting to get excited. 

I've put a pad in so i'll just see how long it carries on. Our EPU won't allow self referrals so i suppose if it carries on i can call the GP for a referral in the morning. Unless it's obvious it's all over by then. 


Saw my GP earlier as she wouldn't refer me without seeing me. The local EPU can't scan me until thursday next week, which is ridiculous. I have a scan at a hospital 40minutes away on MOnday. SO all weekend to torture myself. She said it was a good thing i had no pain and that the red had stopped. It's just brown when i wipe. I have passed two sort of small clot/solidy things though which isn't so good. No telling until the scan but i'm not feeling hopeful. I can't believe this is happening again, its so unfair. 



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