bloody show or mucus plug or same thing?? TMI

How many of you had bloody shows?And those that did how long before labour started?

Ive been losing bits of plug for a few weeks but went for a walk this morning and when I came back found large amounts of brown/pink mucus. With p I had a few days of just mucus and then a huge bloody show the day I had her, this is somewhere beteen the two!!! Also having on amd off cramping am I mad to be hopeful instead of it just being my body complaining about walking?!

Google seems to suggest plug can happen for weeks, show means hours/days. I feel like this is between the two but definitely brown/pink amd not snot/clear


  • No idea, but it all sounds very exciting!!

    edit: so I looked it up myself just now, I'd say it sounds promising!!  Also, remind me to never do any pregnancy related google image searches.  Why did I think that was a good idea??

  • Oh fingers crossed Ar. I lost bits of  my plug for a week or so but didn't worry much as I knew it could be weeks. I had a huge show then all at once and within an hour my waters were leaking. That was with S he was born at 35 weeks, unlike P no sign of anything until he was forcefully evicted two weeks late. Massive good luck if things are happening, maybe be sitting on a towel just incase ;-)

  • I had a show the day I had J. A keeping my fingers firmly tossed for you AR!

  • Ha Wispa I have done the same search, lovely isnt it?!

    Trying not to get my hopes up, will be spending the evening bouncing on my ball!

  • Can't help, sorry. But does sound v promising!!

  • I'm not sure on the difference!

    I had a bit of a show the couple of days before I gave birth, it was literally a small smear on the toilet paper when I wiped. The afternoon after I'd had my sweep I had a bloody show which was snot streaked with blood and there was no mistaking it, there was loads of it! Basically overflowed the toilet paper when I wiped and I could carry on wiping it away.

    Hope things are happening :)

  • Yep there was quite a lot Isis, several wipes worth iyswim. Only thing that makes it different from the show I had the day p was born is that there was no bright red. All brown and pink. Lovely!!
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