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BLW and nursery

O had his first settling in session today. When we looked around I'd spoken to them about BLW and cloth nappies etc and they said it was all fine. Today we were there during snack time and his key worker asked me what fruit he could have and if he needed it to be mashed up. I said I give him everything apart from grapes (I'm way too paranoid about them) as we do BLW so he just needs it is pieces that he can pick up. So they came back with the tiniest strawberries (I think she was being cautious) on a huge tray which was passed around from child to child to pick up one piece at a time. She gave O his fruit into his hand which I didn't really mind as he;d probably have swiped all the fruit off the tray but after a few pieces she then put it straight into his mouth which made me a bit uncomfortable. I know I should have said something then but I was on the spot and she'd already looked at me as if I was a crazy hippy lady when I mentioned the cloth nappies.

Any other BLWers sent their babies to nursery? Did they manage OK with it? I really don't want them to be feeding him, I got the impression today that it was all going to be a bit too much mess and faff. He's the youngest in the baby room, all under two but I think he's the only under 1.


  • not nursery, but my cm had never BLW and bought the book and i just pointed out what i wanted iyswim

    if i were you i would meet with the nursery to reiterate (very very sternly) that they have not to be putting anything in his mouth, iv had a bit of a bad experience of similar and honestly you must tell them that they are not to put food in his mouth and that he will do it himself.  

  • I'm a bit disappointed really, his key worker is in charge of the baby room so I thought she would be familiar with it, they certainly gave me that impression when we went to look around which is why we chose there. When he was eating they were commenting on how clever it is etc etc as if they'd never seen it before so I don't think they're used to it at all.

    He's never really gagged much but it;s my biggest fear and I know I'll be worrying about it all day now. Thankfully he's only going for one day a week for a few months!

    We're back again on Wednesday so I'll think about what I want to tell them.

  • It was 1 of the most important questions that I asked & I was really surprised that 1 of the nurseries I visited had never heard of it & looked at me like I was a bit mad! TBH I've only been there at the end of meal times so I have to trust them completely that they followed my wishes. The nursery is run by a husband & wife team and the wife is the person who showed me around & she is charge of the baby room. I'd be very cross & upset if I saw anyone putting any food in my daughters mouth & I would definitely speak to them & explain BLW. Have you got a copy of the book that they can read? It might be worth printing off this leaflet & taking it with them with the 'don't put anything in their mouth' bit highlighted.

  • The book is on my kindle, I knew I should have bought the hard copy. I will print that off, thanks BK.

  • We too discussed it with nursery before Esme started but when it came to her first week it became a problem. Our nursery is part of a chain and the company policy on BLW says parent needs to attend mealtimes for a fortnight until staff are happy baby is coping. Well that's totally impractical so we decided to go with the flow whilst she was at nursery and BLW at home. Not ideal but a compromise we could live with.

    After a week they were commenting that she's really good eater and can feed herself so we kind of got there anyway x

  • Oh I'm a bit worried now. I chose the nursery partly based on their receptiveness to cloth nappies and BLW. I said to them "we are doing baby-led weaning, would that be something you are comfortable with" and they both (the manager and the baby room lady) immediately said yes and that they strongly encourage independence, and said it was good to hear from me because some parents are "resistant" and how they've had to persuade one mother to stop spoonfeeding her 2 year old! So they said all the right things, hope they don't change in the first week like you all are reporting.

    Blackkat that pdf is a brilliant summary... think I'll print it for the grandparents (just for information, they are v.good about it) and for the nursery just in case!!

  • I'm going to ring the nursery manager on Monday and tell her my concerns. My next session is 10-11 so over snack time again but I'm going to ask to attend over meal times a few times to see how they deal with it. I've been worrying about it all day. I'd rather he had puréed food than blw meals if I'm not comfortable with the staff.

  • Hope you're able to get your answers on Monday

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