BLW lunches

A's appetite has increased a fair bit the last few weeks so I want to start giving her a more substantial lunch, but I'm not sure what to give. She's dairy and egg free so that limits our options somewhat..!

What do you give your LOs for lunch?


  • I always found this hard and still do! Will do a list of our most common lunches, I'm not 100% sure how dairy/egg free they are though.

    Dry pasta/pasta with cheese (you can get vegan cheese but it's a bit disgusting)

    Fish fingers

    Veggie fingers

    Potato croquettes/smilies

    Sandwiches - A likes cheese and mayo, he doesn't like ham but your A might, or chicken and pesto? Tomato?

    Houmous and pitta bread (I usually give a substantial amount of help with this, and tear the pitta up and dunk it into the houmous... otherwise the mess is unbelievable and for lunch I frankly cannot be arsed with it!)

    plus will usually give grapes/yoghurt (can you get dairy free yoghurt?) plus some other fruit depending on what's available, maybe a stick of cheese, sometimes a stick of babycorn. Today I chopped a spring onion into long chunks and gave it to him (going out of date today so I thought why not try!), he seemed to like it!!

    Don't forget snacks too, we worked up to three meals a day and then added in snacks, usually just fruit and breadsticks.

  • Thanks, some good ideas there :)

    she's on 3 meals a day, but lunch was more snacky (rice cakes, breadsticks, fruit etc), so am planning on making those the snacks and introducing a bigger lunch, which will be more like she'll start having at nursery in a couple of months time :)

  • I used to struggle with lunch, but it's easier now S will eat sandwiches. She likes ham, chicken tuna or corned beef (rare due to salt and fat content, but she loves it) sandwiches with cherry toms and cucumber, beans on toast, cocktail sausages with salad or veg, cold pasta in a tomato sauce, jacket spuds, bits of meat with veg etc. She's dairy free and won't eat egg. When she was little i used to give her an Ella's kitchen pouch to vary it a bit (she ate herself from the pouch!). She also eats a lot of fruit.

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