boo - selling lovely things

I hate being a (broke) grown up. We need to reduce our outgoings at the same time as saving for a bigger house, but at the same time as upgrading the car. in order to do the latter we are part-ex'ing my Grans old ford fusion, but need some more pennies to put towards it. OH is selling his 1971 beetle so he can reduce his cc bill, so feel I need to sell some things so we have some cash to put towards the car.

so I'm selling my lovely lovely change bag, AND the donkey (We'll get a second hand baby jogger city mini double instead). I don't want to sell either, but know it's the right thing to do. I do have some savings that we could put towards the car, but we want to move at *some* point so want to keep a little aside for then.

sigh. I hate having to make grown up decisions. Why can't I just win the lottery?!? Bawl

so, anyone want a pitterpac warwick or a bugaboo donkey?


  • well done on being so grown up even if it means letting go of some special things.

    Hopefully you will get a good price for your items and they hold their value well. I know amongst my SEN friends on online community groups that donkeys are highly sought after as you have space for the baby in the main section and can use the additional space for 02 cylinders and other medical equipment. Some hospitals have started recommending them to their families who have children who need breathing support. So hopefully there is a big market out there.

  • Argh I feel your pain BW. I've had my last lot of maternity pay now and H's pay doesn't cover all the bills so we are struggling a bit. We do have some money but it's earmarked for nursery fees for mythical no.2. I've tried to sell a few things but nobody's buying or they want things super cheap.

    I'd sooo be interested in your Donkey but a) am not pregnant again yet and b) as said above have no money anyway! :(

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