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Hi. Should your partner join you for your booking in appointment? My H is a teacher so can't take annual leave but if he should be there with me I could speak to him about getting time off for a medical apt. If its next necessary though I won't bother? Thanks :-)


  • They prefer your partner not to be there for the booking in appt because they ask some personal questions, My H wasn't there and he didn't miss anything I don't think he needs to take it off :)

  • As long as you know a basic history about him then he doesn’t need to be there.

  • No mine wasn't there, I think he would of been bored to be honest

  • Mine didn't come. They did ask for medical history for both families though, prob to look out for genetic problems, so as long as you have an idea then he won't need to be there.

  • They didn't ask about My H's medical history... Think it differs so much in different regions, I would just find out the basics though in case they do!

  • They like you to be on your own as they like to ask questions about home life and domestic violence etc, so yu can disclose anything in confidence

  • No need for him to be there. They did ask me some medical questions about him but it was stuff I knew the answer to. He doesn't need to be there so if it's difficult for time off it would be better to keep the requests for scans etc.

  • H isn't coming to mine. It didn't occur to me to ask him and I'm pretty sure he would spend most of the hour long appointment sighing and looking at his watch lol

  • No doesn't need to be thre in fact my H didn't come to any of my midwife appts (thre wasn't any need/point) he just came to the 12 and 20 week scans

  • My H didn't come to any midwife appointments, there is really no need and most don't last long. Booking in is a list of long dull questions.
  • My H didn't come, it wasn't necessary. They also asked questions about domestic abuse so it wouldn't have been appropriate. He took a day off and came to my 31 week appointment when we were talking about birth plans instead, much better use of a day off for him.
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