I'm planning to breastfeed no3 but want to have some bottles for ebm/ if breastfeeding doesnt work so any recs?

We used a mixture of everything last time but binned them all as they were a bit grubby.

ck x



  • I'll be watching this thead. Im the same as you CK, hope to be able to breast feed but want to have some bottles (&steriliser) just incase and for expressing. Couldnt believe the choice there was in Kiddicare the otherday, I have no idea where to start!

  • I remember TT CTN bottles always used to get recommendations - they're the ones we used on the odd occasion he didn't have a BF, and never had the need to try C with anything else.

  • We also use TT closer to nature and he has taken them whenever needed without issue from when first introduced at 6w. We use them a lot as he's on gaviscon so has a small bottle with gaviscon and ebm then a bf straight after a few times a day.

  • like lamby we used TT closer to nature - none of mine had a problem and seemed happy to take from breast and bottle.

    Mrs bass - we just got a big Tupperware pot and used Milton cold water steriliser tablets - much cheaper!

  • TT closer to nature are in the asda baby event at the minute,  £10 from £26 for six.

  • I wouldn't buy loads of anything. We tried three brands before we found the right ones for E. by coincidence J was on the same ones but that's probably also because they were on the same milk (comfort) and gaviscon and they were the only teats that we found worked with the thick milk. We used Avent after trying Tommee Tippee and D Browns.

  • We use avent after trying tt closer to nature ones.

  • With E we used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature ones with the tube things that went through the middle of them.

    With S we went straight onto the Dr Browns ones after reading recommendations for them from here.  They were brilliant, and he was no where near as windy as E.

  • I've bought some MAM bottles, might be worth a look as they have a self sterilising function if you only want to get them as a stand by incase you need them now and again, you might not bother about a steriliser then unless you use them regularly. They get great reviews and are supposed to reduce colic.

  • we use TT closer to nature with variflow teats

  • A would use any bottles, we had TT CTN and some pink MAM ones. With L he would only use the pound shop cheeky ones with farm animals in them someone had given me. I only ever had 3 bottles for him.

    I wouldn't buy to many until you know if you need them and what the baby will take x

  • I used TT closer to nature with my first and avent with my second. Would recommend them both

  • we've tried a few and have always ended up with Dr Brown's with all 3 children. I got a free avent bbottle which was good as I found the old style ones always leaked.

  • Ned would ONLY take Medela

    Iris will ONLY take the traditional Avent (when she feels like it)

    I've spent a fortune on bottles Weep

  • We used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature. We were given these & avent & she would only take the TT.

    Also if you start giving bottles of expressed milk, don't make the mistake I did & give for a wedding then leave it a few months then try to start giving again. This did not go down well & took a lot of persuading to start drinking from them again. So if you do start, continue giving regularly!!

  • Bk -phoebe got one a day usually. I expressed from one side in the morn and that was her out and about bottle.

    thanks for the recs folks, only planning on getting a couple. Never had a problem with either not taking any (except p when cutting first tooth) so hoping no3 is similar! X

  • Erm bought the whole TT kit, and he refused the bottles! Had to take a load of teats from hospital and use on the medela bottles that come with the pumps. Tried again at 3 months or so and he took the TT ones thankfully.

  • Sorry to bump this but over the weekend I saw a couple of bargains that I though I would share.

    Mothercare had the Tommy Tippee CTN starter set with electric steriliser reduced from £140 - £70 and also the MAM starter set with microwave steriliser reducted from £70- £40. You got a LOT of stuff in both these kits!

    Also Tesco had money off the Tommy Tippee CTN range.

    I ended up getting (from Tesco) the TT CTN microwave steriliser with 1 bottle, set on tongs and a dummy reduced from £25- £13 and their starter set of 4 botles (2 different sizes) 1 beaker and 2 extra teats of different flow reduced to £15.

    I feel confident that I have a good basic selection incase things dont go to plan with brestfeeding or when I start to express!

  • I know it's an old post but just thought I'd add.. We had terrible wind issues with E and the TT ones (and we'd bought the whole set,  boo). Tried Dr Brown's and saw some improvement but the MAM have been absolutely awesome!  Come with a self sterilising function as someone else said which makes it brilliant for if I'm travelling as I don't need the steam steriliser and Milton tablets as long as I've a microwave.  On the odd occasion we've gone visiting and stayed longer than we should I've found that invaluable.

  • Babies R Us have TT offers on at the moment as well.

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