What bottles does your baby have?

So far I've bought medela normal ones, medela calma, tommee tippee closer to nature, nuk nipple shaped ones, boots own.

I've been trying to get M to take a bottle for weeks. However, she won't. :( I'm back at work when she is 7 months so she need to learn! (Plus I'd quite like a hair cut and a few glasses of wine and a lay in so my H can feed her!)
I express and give her that. I've tried fresh out of boob into bottle and reheated from fridge. The most she has taken is 2oz and I swear that was a fluke! We've tried both me and h giving it her, different times of day. I'm out of ideas.



  • The only bottles that worked here were Mams ones and it took months for him to accept it and it's only been since I actually went back to work he takes it that well, before that it was hit and miss. I think he know realises when with my parents and I'm not there milk comes from a bottle but when he has the option of me or bottle it's still hit and miss.

  • I'll give those a go. Thanks

  • i dont know how true it is as i dont have a baby yet, but i attended an infant feeding class on saturday and the lady taking the class said sometimes just the cheap bottles you get in the pound shop are what a baby wants, and we over fuss by buying expensive all singing all dancing bottles with fancy teats etc.

    so for a pound could it be worth a go ?

  • I use tommee tippee with R but we also have medela & avent which we also use that came with the pumps.

    R has taken bottles since birth due to top ups when losing/not gaining weight but she would only drink my milk out of a bottle when scalded then cooled to room temperature.

  • I used the Avent ones with J, (mix feeding), and he took to them well.

  • We use mam ones too but introduced them quiet early at 3 weeks to administer gaviscon. He's had the avent ones too but he was a bit more settled on the mam ones. I think to fact he had them so early on might have helped him take to bottles but he's not a massively fussy feeder so it could just be we are lucky with him. Hope you find something that works!

  • Possibly not what you want to hear but p would never take breast milk from bottles. She'd have the odd one then refuse again, we tried every bottle going!! The only thing that worked was formula in a bottle.
  • We were the same as AR.  W would only take formula from a bottle.  I mix fed for the first month, but found W wouldn't take expressed milk from a bottle, once or twice he did, but for the most part he wouldn't.  not sure if I just couldn't get the right temp for it or what, but he took the formula no bother at all.

  • Maya's almost 5 months and we've been trying her with a bottle for the last three weeks she's finally getting it but it's taken a lot of persistence and crying from both me and her. I would chose one type of bottle/teat and stick with it to avoid too much confusion. We use platex drop ins which uses a bottle liner and and old fashioned latex teat. This is supposed to replicate breast feeding as the liner collapses as it's being sucked which also means less wind!

    You can buy them from am
  • Amazon. I was also too lazy to express so she's only ever had formula in a bottle. Now she's happier taking a bottle we're carrying on giving her one a day at bedtime so we don't have to start from square one again.
  • A would never take a bottle, regardless of what was in 6 months you can give them a beaker though and this worked for us!

  • Thanks. I've even trying since she was 3 weeks! :( 10 weeks if this and she's still winning!

  • We used Avent bottles with formula. Its supposed to help if you have something warm next to their cheek to mirror the closeness of breast feeding (the baby is much closer to you when BF obviously).

    My daughter was easy going so we never had a problem switching from one to the other so I don't have great advice about it. Another friend's baby wouldn't take it at all from the bottle and they switched to a cup (she like you was returning to work at 7 months) and also they had to leave the baby with her mum and just let her cry until she'd finally take the cup (this was at about 6 months old not with a newborn). It was not brilliant for any of them.

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