Boys names

I'm convinced I'm having a boy. Here are my top names at the moment. With 4 weeks to go - 





middle name will probably be Harvey and surname is very Scottish McL.... 

Opinions please? 


  • Not sure how helpful this is but... I considered Harris (I have a Harrison) but a couple of people said it sounded like 'arris, slang for 'ar$e' and after that I could only hear Frank Butcher off 'Stenders saying 'oi! Shift yer 'arris' and I just couldn't have it, it ruined it for me, lol!!

    Although Harris goes really well with Harvey....

    Absolutely love Cooper and Riley though!

  • im loving harris !

  • Harris is my fave of those x

  • You're having a girl though ive predicted so what girls names have you got? X

  • I love Harris, wouldn't sound frank butcher at all in a Scottish accent so no worries there. It would be on my boys list except we have a Mairi, so would sound too similar. Only thing is Harris Harvey I'm not sure about together. Same with Riley Harvey. So I'd probably go for Cooper (another I love but H ruled that one out)

  • Ohhh, didn't think of Scottish accent!! I'm very far South!

    Harris then.

  • Against the grain here but I like Brodie best of all.

  • I really like Cooper.

  • I've always loved Harris! Beautiful.

  • I like Brodie best. It would  be the name I'd use if I were to have another (but spelt Brodey)

  • I'm not so sure about Harris because of the alliteration with Harvey.

    Also Brodey and Riley, while lovely names, having the ee sound at the end the same as Harvey puts me off a bit.

    So that leaves me with Cooper, which I was just thinking yesterday what a fab name it is after seeing it somewhere.

  • Deedee
    Also Brodey and Riley, while lovely names, having the ee sound at the end the same as Harvey puts me off a bit.

    The double "ee" sound determined which way we put J's middle names, as I didn't like the double ee sound either.
  • Thank you all. Quite a mix!

    CK I'm 99.9% sure it's a boy (though secretly hope I'm wrong!)

    I'm not concerned about the sound with Harvey, must be my accent because when I say Brodie Harvey McL and Riley Harvey McL the first names end in ay sound and Harvey is more ee. Any other Scottish people said it out loud?

  • You're totally having a boy ;)

    And another vote for Harris here, but I am biased as my 7yo (Scottish) nephew is called Harris and he's amazing.

  • I like them all a lot! My favourite would probably be Riley but I think that is the most popular name of those names at the moment so that might sway me towards one of the others instead.

  • Think I like Harris the best.  I don't think it matters much how it sounds with Harvey as you'll not say them together very often.  Riley is very popular just now if that has any bearing on your choices

  • Absolutely love Cooper, it's top of my list if we had a 4th

  • I know of a Cooper and have always thought it is a fab name although my H doesn't agree. I'm not a fan of Riley nor Harvey if I'm honest but think its because they're both quite well used around here. I think Harris in a Scottish accent is beautiful

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