Bras during pregnancy for a big bust!

I'm 8 weeks today and starting to think about bra's for this pregnancy - I am a size 34F so pretty ample but with a smallish back and am usually 10-12 in clothes. I always wear underwired and haven't had much boob pain so far but would like to switch fairly soon.

I was thinking of just ordering some seamless bras from amazon or something (will be switching to proper nursing bras once the baby is here) but does anyone have any reccomendations?



  • By the end I had to wear those seamless stretchy ones you see on the teleshopping ads, I bought them in boots for £15 each. I got sick of growing out of sizes and the maternity bras were so expensive.

  • I'll probably go shopping when I'm about 16-20w to get some soft bras that will last me hopefully through to the end. My boobs have got bigger but I'm mostly ok in my normal bras. I think as I'd lost weight they lost a bit of oomph but now they've filled out again I'm still ok, just! I need something supportive though, I'm a similar size to you and they just ache otherwise. I'd probably have a trip to bravissimo and get fitted properly.

  • You can stay in wires as long as they're properly. I was a 34GG and remained in my wired bras until I was 34 weeks. The fitters at Bravissimo were brilliant. For me I just don't find soft bras that supportive and I'd be wary of the cheapish ones online. Once my supply settled down after E was born I was able to convert the last wired bra I had during pregnancy into a nursing bra too!

  • I shall second/ third/fourth Bravissimo  - life savers - AND still pretty! I did try those seemless ones and they were good... for a laugh! :o) (or seriously for nighttime/indoor only wear)

  • I'm 39 weeks and still in underwire. Been having regular fittings. I'm now a 38H. I just can't do without my underwire. Will do for breastfeeding though. Bravissimo is good x

  • Sounds like you are a similar size and build to me.

    I'm still in my normal 34F underwired bras at 15 weeks, they are getting to small though and I'm sporting the 4 boob look in some bras. I'll probably go to Barvissimo and get measured soon x

  • Thanks everyone much appreciated - looks like a trip to Bravissimo is needed! x

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