Braxton hicks

So the bit of the book where it says 'braxton hicks dont hurt' was written by a man yes?! I mean they aren't proper contractions painful of course but ive now had about half an hour of very uncomfy tightenings on and off every few minutes. Ill obviously watch there regularity etc, really I just want a moan. Ouchy!!


  • I said that they were bl00dy painful at my NCT class, well enough to wake me up and have me fidgeting around the bed whinging, and I was shot down in flames by the tutor who said they were slightly uncomfortable at worst. Although when I spoke to the women, all agreed they hurt. Ok not as much as real contractions but they still hurt.

    Hope they sort themselves out soon for you. I had about 30 a day at about your stage then they just stopped and I've never had one since.

  • Seemed to have calmed down now but had a good run of them for 45mins or so earlier. I barely had any with p, hopefully they wont become too regular!!

  • Some of them did really hurt, have you overdone it today or yesterday? I always found them worse if I'd done a lot. They were so bad when I went overdue and walked 3 miles every night to try and bring labour on that every evening I thought I was in labour lol

  • im so excited by this?

    when they ease off does it feel like you have done loads of excercise?

    i can imagine it feeling like your doing sit ups all day ?

  • Mine didn't hurt with C, they were a bit weird but a kind of nice sensation - good job because I go them loads from quite early on.

    I have heard you're more likely to get them more with subsequent pregnancies, and more painful though so god knows what they're going to be like for me this time!  

    Hopefully today's are just a one off and if you get more they won't hurt. x

  • I don't remember getting them with Harry. You ladies can tell me - do you think this is BH:

    Suddenly the bottom of my bump feels as though it's super-full, like a drum, and there's pressure pushing outwards. My lower back and the tops of my legs (where I had my labour pains last time) really hurt, it's like a really strong ache, definitely not shooting pains. It lasted about 10-15 seconds. Bearable, but I had to stop what I was doing. I have had lesser versions of this but last night it really took my breath away. Verdict? BH or not? Are they different for everyone?

  • Sound like bh to me counter.  I am getting them over the top and middle of my bump, it goes really hard and tight. For up to about 30 seconds. My mw told me last time that they shouldnt get increasingly painful or become regular and then increase in regularity.  If that happens you should call mw. Noodle ive had a busy weekend yes including rearranging furniture! Ive just hung some washing up and theyve started again!!

  • I get them.lots too....a few weeks ago they lasted all evening and made my back ache...i get them mostly at night when i have been busy x x they feel really tight and uncomfortable x
  • I've had loads with this pregnancy, since about 17 weeks. My bump goes really tight and solid. And it feel like its pushing out wards.

  • Lavender Rose

     And it feel like its pushing out wards.

    very much this!
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