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Brazillians, SPD & TMI!

So ive got to the stage where defuzzing the lady garden is a bit of a mission!! Cant shave without fear of chopping off something vital so considering getting waxed.

I have never had a brazillian before but quite fancy one rather than just bikini line but have a couple of questions. Firstly i have mildish SPD. Will i have to hold some difficult legs spread position for ages which might cause me pain? How long does it normally take and do you have to have your legs really far apart??  Second question (sorry in advance!) but one of the joyous symptoms of this pregnancy is lots of discharge. I have to wear a panty liner. How much do they see?? Is it knickers off? Or just pulled to the side a bit?? 

Thanks to anyone who is reading and not laughing lol!



  • Not sure on Brazilian but I have a regular bikini wax every four weeks. You lie on the bed with one leg completely straight, and your other foot touching that knee with your leg bent out lying on the bed - does that make any sense? I am under ten minutes for the whole wax, some of it leg in at chest ( to get underneath) and also just lying flat to wax the top. I keep my underwear on, but it would need to be a thong. Failing that any decent place will offer you disposable undies!

  • Do not worry about a panty liner, they will have seen it ALL before. If you are still worried about it, just ask to borrow their loo and whip it out, then put a new liner in straight after.

    Explain to the lady about your SPD and say you may need to play the positions by ear, I'm sure she will be accommodating and do the best she can whatever positions you can get into.

  • I live for my Brazillians! lol. - got my pre birth one booked for Tuesday

    Different therapists will do them in different ways,  often they will get me to bend my knee and 'flop' my leg out to the side, but if this could be uncomfortable there are ways and means, just explain when you book and again when you go in, some will also do round by your bottom some dont, (i personally prefer it when they do, and i dont keep my underwear on either but lots of people do) they may get you to go on all fours for this bit or lift your leg up and hug your knee which i can imagine may be a bit awkward and uncomfortable anyway. If you've never had one done before then it will take a bit longer than say someone who has been having it done for months/years, i tend to have my legs and eyebrows done at the same time and the whole lot takes about 40 mins

    I would def recommend!

  • I had severe SPD in 2 of my pregnancies and mild SPD in the other. My beautician and I went with my pain and mostly near the end I was standing or sitting with my knee up etc. I have been seeing the same beautician for 5 years and we usually ended up laughing!

  • Thanks everyone! X

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