breast feeding baby with a toddler

Hi everyone

Hope no one minds me posting...looking for advice from those who already have a child. My biggest worry is trying to feed baby and L demanding my attention. He is only 20 months with very limited speech. If he wants something he takes you and shows you. I did not get on well bf L lasted 2 weeks then mixture for next two before giving up completly. Tia


  • Watching with interest. J fed every 90 mins for about 45 mins, so I spent a lot of time welded to the sofa. He's not hugely independent, and I'm currently not really allowed to sit down or not pay him attention at all times. I'm not sure how this is going to work when Attila comes along.

  • Thank goodness im not the only lucky in that very independent apart from his speech x
  • I currently have a breastfed 8 day old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old. The feeding is hard because they all want attention at the same time, but I try and do things like making sure there is a snack / drink where they can get to it before I start bf, and making sure they have toys out etc. It has been easier than I feared but I guess mine are slightly older than yours... It's very true that the 2nd/3rd babies have to learn to wait sometimes, whereas with one you can drop everything to do whatever it needs. You just have to do the best you can and if one of them has to wait for 5 minutes then so be it. That said I am dreading getting ready for school by 8.40 on my own next week when my partner goes back to work!

  • Im planning on a reasonable amount of peppa pig in the early days whilst we establish bfeeding. Books, snacks, toys out snd accessible befire I start to feed. We'll see how we get on. Im sure there will be momenta theyre both screaming but im confident I can make it work somehow

  • Also watching this with interest!

    I struggled with BF'ing my first but definitely want to try BF our next, My L also doesn't speak either, you'll have to let me know how it goes :-)

  • I bf a newborn with a just turned 2 year old and 4 year old. I actually decided that bottle feeding would have been harder as with bf you still have a hand free to sit on floor and do a jigsaw or I could walk about and get them things while feeding.  I was lucky that all my children were quick feeders,  on the occasion S had a bottle I found it took much longer

  • I was actually talking about this to my hubby today. I think I might get a new born sling so I can carry baby number 2 around whilst feeding so I can play with my 2 year old (who'll be nearly 3 by then). I was incredibly lucky that we had a very smooth journey of it but she was a very long feeder so I kind of imagine me just shoving the baby on the boob & wandering around with it! I'm more worried about being tired as I slept when baby slept last time!! ABC, I hope you're able to feed for longer this time & that it is easier x x

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