breast feeding HELP!!!!

I expressed before I went to bed late last night and I've woken up to do it again and nothing is coming out of my breasts, what's happened? And what can I do???


  • Dont worry, How old is baby? In the first few days it can take a while for milk to come in, so your supply needs to be stimulated.

    If u think about it a baby's stomach is the size of its clenched fist in the newborn days so whatever you do get off store in small quantities, I'd prob store in 2oz bags and add more if needed. Are you eating and drinking enough? Make sure ur well hydrated too, if you have just gone through a birth then make sure you are being looked after and fed. Foods like oats/flapjacks can increase your supply.

    Are you soley expressing? In the newborn days you do need to put baby to breast to try to stimulate supply. Maybe try some skin to skin too

  • Baby is one week. I've been expressing as she's not latching and Been producing about 70ml everytime but this morning there seems to be nothing I don't know what to do

  • Can you express while holding her or having her right beside you? I think that's supposed to get hormones going?

  • How often are you expressing? In the very early days, it's vital that you express frequently in order to build supply, every 3 hours is recommended, day and night. The prolactin receptors (I think!) are higher at night which means that the night feeds or expressing sessions are the most important to build a good supply. Lots to drink and regular expressing will help but I think the key is frequency at this stage. Can you speak to one of the BFing helplines for some further advice?

    National Breastfeeding Helpline

    0300 100 0212

    NCT Breastfeeding Helpline

    0300 330 0771

    La Leche League Helpline

    0845 120 2918

    Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

    0300 330 5453

  • WMS about calling one of the helplines, also check out Kellymom

    Are you still under MW care? Has someone shown you how to latch effectively? Should look something like this

    I went to see an NCT counsellor at my local Sure Start centre, they were very helpful.

  • R wouldn't latch correctly (blisters/cracking) & I got no milk expressing (still don't get much).  My midwife/HV were no use helping me with the latch.  I ended up going to a breastfeeding group at surestart & met the breastfeeding consultant who runs a latch on group.  She was amazing showed me many different positions, it has been a struggle but we have eventually got there & R latches like a pro now!! Its learning for both you & baby, its hard doing it on your own sometimes, some support, even just a new position can do wonders.

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