Breast feeding Q!

Hi ladies,

Just had my midwife visit and she says that I should be waking baby girl for feeds every two to three hours.

Just had a nap and my milk has come in but she will not wake up!!! Tried all the usual stuff, meanwhile sitting here with breasts getting bigger and bigger!


  • I had to do this with S, it's really hard! What have you tried? I would strip him down to his nappy usually or change it completely to wake him up. If he fell asleep feeding, I would rub my thumbnail up and down the bottom of his foot, blow in his face etc. I felt horrible doing it! It goes against every fibre of my being to wake a sleeping baby but it had to be done :)

  • Have you tried just putting her close to your boobs, often the smell of the milk will wake them enough to feed!!

  • Stripped her, skin to skin, change nappy and clothes etc.

    I managed to wake her using a warm flannel on her neck/face....

    She fed for twenty mins which is ok and has gone back to sleep. Not looking forward to it every time though. She only wants to feed every four/five hours and even then I'm pushing it. She's happy to sleep!!!

  • Has she had problems with weight loss/gain? If not then I'd just take her lead to be honest. The midwife told us the same, but it took so long to wake her we decided not to do it. Z more than made up for it when she did wake. And it won't last long once the post Labour sleepiness is gone, I'd make the most of it!!
  • She was weighed today and she's only lost 4% since birth so they weren't concerned!

    I was thinking the same's so hard to wake her up!

  • I wouldn't bother waking her if she's doing ok with feeding, sounds like she's taking what she needs

  • As much as I'm not clued up on bf, I too wouldn't be waking her unless she had problems with weight etc. Sounds like you're doing just fab! X

    PS. Just seen her it :-)

  • Thanks ladies.

  • Yes, my sister's 2 were taken back in for the day for losing well over 10%, even then, the staff weren't super-strict about her waking them for feeds, leading her towards a sort of compromise where she wakes them a bit earlier than they would prefer, but doesn't keep a regular 2-3 hour routine. They just didn't see it as practical, provided the babies were settled and seemed happy. So on 4% loss I agree with the others and you can take your lead from her. I like her style! :)

  • I only woke R due to poor weight gain, usually by stripping off & using a wet flannel.

  • Crashing to say massive congratulations to you RayeRaye xx

  • Thanks KK!

    She's feeding well when she's on...40mins to an hour. Still only waking every four five hours though.

    Next MW visit is on Wednesday so if she has weight loss I'll change my methods...


  • Just wanted to say congratulations! Fantastic to see you back and what wonderful news. I agree with the others, as she's not dropped much weight I wouldn't wake my experience they let you know!

  • A didn't lose too much weight, but to give another side, I'm glad I did wake him for feeds, because even WITH doing this he still had to be readmitted to hospital with severe jaundice and I don't know what would have happened if I'd just let him sleep. I don't think they advise waking for feeds lightly.

    I used to change his nappy and then feed him in just a nappy cuddled up close to me. I'd tickle his cheek which is supposed to encourage the feeding, and also blowing on their faces tends to keep them awake during the feed. His problem though was falling asleep during the feed, so it's good to hear your little A is feeding for a good length of time, that is really positive. They can feed in their sleep so if she is doing this then no need to actually wake her x

  • Forgot to update yesterday...

    She's put on weight and is heavier than she was at birth so the MW isn't concerned.

    She did say she was a tinge yellow but nothing to be concerned with. She's still feeding well when she's on so I'm going to see how things go before our next MW visit in Monday.

    Thanks guys.


  • Rhys was very sleepy during his feeds for the first few days now he generally wakes up himself every 2-3 hours. I was told to wake him too but its difficult when they are so peaceful and dont want to be disturbed!

    I found nappy change and blowing on his face worked well.

    Congrats :)

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