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Hello everyone,

I am preparing myself for the big day, getting all the things for my little one. I am currently looking into buying a breast pump but find it hard to pick one without really knowing what to look for. I would like your advice!


  • I would probably get a manual pump to start with as electric pumps are expensive if it doesn't work out. I had a medula swing and had no complaints but I'd hold off just now.

  • I have a Medela electric pump which I love but I'd see how you get on with a cheap manual first and then invest in a better one if you feel you need to.

  • I had the tommies tippee manual pump out of the Asda baby event it was only £10. I'd recommend it

  • In hospital I tried a medela manual pump but could not get on with it at all. Barely got anything out? I have the electric medela swing and it is really great. As good as the big heavy duty medelas I used in hospital

  • I love my Medela Swing - pricey but worth it if you're going to use it regularly.

    But tbh I wouldn't buy a pump to start with - if BFing goes well for you then you won't need it until your supply is established and you are ready to offer a bottle (usually around 6 weeks). And if you need to express before then you can borrow/hire a hospital grade pump which will be much more effective than anything you can buy. Personally I've never got on with manual pumps so find them a bit of a waste of money.

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