Breastfeeding a newborn with a blocked nose

C has a blocked nose, probably a bit if a cold since Ms nose has been streaming. I can get himatched but then he pulls off slightly, to breathe through his mouth I think, which means sore nipples for me and I assume he's not getting a decent feed either. 

Any tips for getting him latched properly or clearing his nose, he's 15 days old x


  • Only thing I can think when he's so tiny is steam. Can you run the shower hot and feed him in the steam? I appreciate that'll be a pain when you have M too but worth a go?
  • Never thought of steam, thanks AR I'll give it a go. Poor wee thing, the pitfalls of having a germ infested big sister!

  • Yes I was told to do the "feed in a steamy bathroom" thing but I too only had the one! If you have a small room in the house you could also boil a kettle with the lid off in there, but you'd have to be very careful and with a toddler around it may not be worth it! We did it recently for A when he had a chest infection and it really helped but there was only him to keep an eye on and he wasn't running around so it was safe. Maybe if M is at nursery at all?

  • M is at nursery today, so will try feeding in the bathroom. Then H will be at home when M is for next few days so that'll help!

  • S had a cold at 7 weeks when I was BFing and he was too little for any OTC remedies. The gp suggested having him in a steamy bathroom as others have already said. He also suggested putting our damp washing on radiators that were on in the house to keep the humidity high. It worked quite well for us but not sure if you still have your heating on...we don't at the mo!

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