• sorry I still can't start a post properly from my phone.

    I have a few breastfeeding questions , there a bit random though!  

    P is nearly 4 months now and still breastfed with the odd formula top up, the last week or so it's suddenly been slightly painful feeding her, is that normal or a sign somethings not right?

    Also I've been thinking about when they start getting teeth, p scratches me a lot when feeding and I worry she will bite, is that likely to happen or do they not really do it?


  • Also I have to go on a course 9-.30 -4.30 for two days (there a week apart) and I will need to express at some point, do I just express when they get too full to avoid leaking/blockages or should I express as often as she would feed? Also would I sound crazy if I asked the person running the course if there is somewhere I can do it as its an electric pump, if it was manual I'd just use the loo! Also I take it I have to dump the milk or can I keep it in a cool bag or something for a number of hours?

  • I always just expressed when i started to get uncomfy on the odd days i was away from her. And i'd just dump the milk, much easier. No harming in asking about a quiet room to do it in, i'msure they'll help you out.

    I never got to biting as P didn't get teeth until 9 months and i BFed until 7 months but i know lots of people who fed babies with teeth with no problems.

    Depends on whats causing the pain. COuld be a blockage or similar. I'd try and get to a clinic and ask a HV or BF consultant to help.

  • What type of pain? Is it sharp, burning, hot? It could be thrush?? Or possibly her latch has become a bit lazy, canyouget to a clink just to get it checked out?

    I bf L till 14 months he had a mouthful of teeth and never bit, Isaac had a few teeth and he bit occasionally but I've discovered he is a biter anyway Weep, and bites me a dab regularly!

    It tended to be when he was teething

    You technically should express every 3 hours but I used to wait till I was full. You could store at work in a fridge or just dump it

  • Thanks AR, my last baby didn't get teeth till 13 months so may not be a problem but p has been dribbling and is chewing on her hands and everything else constantly at the moment and people keep asking if she's teething so i thought it may be sooner for her!  There's no cracking,  lumps or redness or anything but maybe i should ask the HV or gp then at the next baby clinic about the soreness.

  • CP it's a sharp pain, similar to the early days when she starts to feed. To be honnest shes never latched perfectly from day one, she doesn't open her mouth wide enough and she easily slips off. I've been to BF groups to get help and the bf consultant said it wasn't a great latch but as she was feeding and It wasn't cracking my nipples then to just leave her! Maybe it's from almost 4 months of bad latch making it sore?

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