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Brushing baby's teeth

F has had his first tooth come through in the last few days. I know you are supposed to use a muslin to brush it twice a day but he nornally falls asleep during his last feed and I don't want to wake him by trying to clean it especially as his gums are still sore. Anyone else have this problem? Do you just brush them before bed?


  • I fed J to sleep for months, there was no way I was waking him back up for a tooth brushing! His got done after the bath, and then he had a feed, not ideal I realise, but the best I could do.

  • What spikey said!
  • I use a baby electric brush in the morning and after his bath.

  • A doesn't really let us brush her (2) teeth, but she will chew on a brush herself which I figure is good enough for now. I let her chomp on it at nappy changes and then after her evening feed as her bath is running.

    I don't use any toothpaste for her though, should I be?

  • Thanks everyone. Will go with between bath and bottle. His sleep is bad enough without me waking him up!

    Nenas - my HV said a tiny bit of toothpaste but she is not the greatest source of information so I wouldn't take that as gospel!

  • Nenas we were told to use a smear of toothpaste by the dentist who visited the childrens' centre. Must be at least 1000ppm of fluoride. She said the minty ones are best as kids tend to try and eat the strawberry ones. But only a smear, not a pea-sized amount.

    H scrubs A's teeth quickly and then lets him hold it, A likes to chew on it but the dentist said that was all good and just gets them used to the idea.

  • We've always used a smear of toothpaste, either normal colgate or age appropriate ones. S wants to brush herself, like her sister, so we let her chew it a bit then ensure her actual teeth get a quick, proper brush after het night milk. She's not too happy about it, but she will be in the future!

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