BT Wiki - Sarah?

Just been onto the BT Wiki and there is a message on there saying it's closing on 31st July. Is there room for it on The Mumdrum somewhere? Awful lot of useful information on there from BT.


  • We discussed this at panel meetings and decided not to incorporate the Wiki into MD for two reasons - one, MD want to build their own content using the Real Stories sections, and two, an awful lot of the content on the Wiki was posted by people who no longer post either here or on Hitched so we can't take it.

    If anyone has stuff on the Wiki which they would like to bring over here, I'd suggest taking a copy and sending it to Sarah so it can be used on here. It would be great to build the Real Stories so they can provide a wealth of info similar to the Wiki.

  • Seems such a waste of really useful info, especially for first time Mums. I know it was invaluable to me whilst I was expecting O. Sadly I didn't have any content there ekse I'd happily volunteer it

  • Hi Sshh - good question. It is a great source of information, but as Margot says we can't take the content without permission from the authors.  If anyone would like to contribute their content, then we would be pleased to include it on The Mumdrum.

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