Buggy boards?

I've never seen anyone using one in real life. 

how do you get up and down kerbs with them? Does the child have to get off? 

Are they difficult with hills? Do they add a lot of weight to the pushchair? 

Does your lo like it ? 


  • You just go up and down kerbs normally,  they don't have to get off.  Does make the pram quite heavy to push up hills but I suppose it depends on your pram just how much harder it is

    My little girl loved the buggy board.  Using it with my son now and he isn't quite as keen but he likes to run wild lol

  • I think I need to see one in real life as I don't understand how they would work to get up the kerb. I'm obviously imagining it wrong. May make a trip to mother care this weekend.

  • The thing I find trickiest is that he likes to stand behind the handle and hold on to it so it has to be at the lowest night and there for I had to hunch over to reach round him (this is on an Oyster btw) and also because he's standing there I have to hold the chane bag rather than put it on the handle. I find I can only do short distances with it, I.e. From car park to destination. I've not put it in the Maclaren stroller yet but think that may be easier as it's two handles rather than a bar handle.

    Alex loves his 'skate' board though.

  • Ahh I didn't think about the changing bag being in the way, very good point BG

  • I only use it on our pram where he has to stand between the pram and handle and I get him to hold on to the sides.  I can't use it on the city mini cos it's too awkward to push cos he would have to stand behind the handlebar on it.  I just hang the changing bag as normal

  • C loves them. We've 2, the Oyster board for the oyster (she stands inside the handle with it fully extended and holds onto the pram hood) and a Lascal maxi for the mamas and papas. Find them both great, but prefer the oyster one as with it designed specifically for that pushchair it clips up nicely and you can put it down with it still attached. I find the lascal heavier and more cumbersome. She stands in front of the changing bag and they go up and down kerbs fine, unless they're particularly high.

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