i have seen the SIDS guidelines for cots, but what are the views on cribs ?

the kate crib has sides effectively like a bumper, so im thinking its alright to use a bumper on a wooden bar crib ?

what are your views, and what have you/are you doing?


  • No bumpers on the crib for me, and I didn't go for the Katie crib even though I really liked the look of it because of the fabric sides, apparently it's not good for air circulation, and co2 is heavier so will sit in the crib. Just what I read online though, I'm no expert.

    I've bought the Airwrap bumpers for the cot, the mesh ones.

  • Lots of places sell bumpers despite being against guideline so I'd imagine same goes for cribs. Also baby can't generally move around the crib anyway so they aren't likely to bang into the edge. We've never had a bumper even on cot, if you really want one get an airwrap one.
  • We've got an air wrap one for the cot, and out crib has mesh sides anyway, I wouldn't get a regular padded one.

  • We've got a cot and a crib and aren't planning to use bumpers on either. If the baby had a habit of getting limbs stuck in the bars we'd definitely use an airwrap over a regular bumper.

  • We'll not be having bumpers. They look lovely in the showrooms though :)

  • I bought a bumper as part of a pack, but then I read the guidance plus it doesn't fit right in my cot so it's in the cupboard. I have put bunting on the outside of the cot for decoration as she won't be in it for the first few months (and got given it as a present) but will move it before she goes into the cot.

    Having said I have been surprised at all the guidance. I bought a Fisher Price mobile and it says to discontinue use of the dangly bits once the baby is 4 months old to avoid strangulation but the string bits are literally an inch long.

  • I think the cot mobiles are just being extra cautious ,just in case. At nearly 1 we still use ours but it is in no way touching distance and he can't get himsel up so for now its fine IMO. He still enjoys watching it go round

    Re:bumpers, they never sat right with me. Danger of suffocation, the ties, plus itd block my view into the cot from my bed.

    At around 6 moths when he became active I was finding tht he was flinging his dummy out and bumping his head rolling so bought an air wrap. BEST. THING. EVER.

  • I use a bumper in the cot, mainly as he is a fidget and woke himself bashing his head frequently. I only put it in once I was confident he could roll/sit up/move should it be in his face etc. we didn't use a crib and he was put of Moses basket by 8wks so can't comment on earlier, but as far as I was aware Sids guidelines had changed and bumpers were ok now? (that said I'm not an anal follower of guidelines)

  • This is from the webchat that MD had with the lady from the lullaby trust,

    "Question from 'popcorn' about cot bumpers

    I would like to know if there is an issue with cot/crib bumpers. I know it used to be that they weren't recommended but don't think that's the case any more, what's changed?

    Answer from Jenny @ The Lullaby Trust

    Thanks for your question, it is a common one on our helpline! Essentially, the research findings around the effect of cot bumpers on the chance of SIDS is inconsistent, so we don’t say they increase the chance but they don’t decrease the chance either.  They do, however, become an issue when your baby can move around, as there have been some cases where they are used as a step to get out of the cot and into trouble. So as soon as your baby gets more mobile they should be removed. So in short, they are up to you to choose but be aware of when to take them out if you do chose to use them."

  • My answer is the same as SG posted. We personally didn't need them in the crib as she couldn't move fast enough to cause a problem. If I had though I'd have got these:


    As we wanted till the cot we went with air wrap. Es mobile is also still on (She's one) but it does need to come off.  Just in case she were to get tangled in it.

  • Thank you all, I'm going to look I to these air wraps also xx

  • Thanks SG, I was going to post that, I thought I remembered asking that question!

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