buying maternity clothes in store

Is anyone else finding it impossible to buy maternity clothes in a shop? All I want to do today is go buy some clothes that fit around my ever expanding 26 week belly and you can't buy any for love or money unless I order online. Well I ordered online, clothes don't fit so I send back 're order......weeks later I'm still without pants. Is it too much to ask that I can walk into a shop and shop like any other normal person??? Feeling fed up and in need of a rant.


  • It's so hard. Certain new look stores stock in store, H&M and red herring at Debenhams generally have stuff in store.

  • Yep, I found the same unfortunately. Make sure you're signed up for all the newsletters from the websites so you're notified when they have free delivery/20% off etc as that can help a bit. It's a real pain though and I've wasted money when I haven't been able to return things in time (especially over Christmas when things were busy). Topshop sometimes have a selection in store (although all I've got from there is jeans), as do H&M but that's about it (other than Mothercare etc).

    I've got some 'normal' clothes too, just look for stretchy material. I've not been a fan of the fit of a lot of maternity stuff, but I think it's something to do with only being 5'1 as a lot of it doesn't sit right or is out of proportion on me. Finding jeans to fit was a completely nightmare!

  • I'm just in a bad mood today lol, my local New look has a very very limited selection as in 1 rail and I've never been a fan of online clothes shopping as you just can't see what something really looks like.  It never used to be this bad, this is my3rd and with my previous 2 I could always find something in most shops.  Even asda don't stock in store anymore.  My problem is I'm central to 3 shopping area within about a 20 mile radius so it's not a case of going to the centre and shopping around I would have to 3 of the biggest lol.

  • Drove me CRAZY. I've given up trying. I buy online from new look and asos and return what I don't want :(

  • Matalan have in store maternity

    I still haven't found a next that's rocks it though

  • This doesn't bode well for my anticipated maternity clothes shopping on Monday after my scan... I really need new bottoms including pjs.... I am usually an online ordering girl but  I feel I really need to try on these on...

  • H&M and Debenhams are pretty much the only place I have found you can go instore to purchase maternity wear unfortunately :( I have been taking advantage of ASOS free delivery and returns though.

  • It's a lot harder than I thought, just getting t shirts etc.. has proved hard. It's been even worse getting trousers and dresses, being tall I normally have to buy from tall ranges however they seem to think tall people don't get pregnant even Long Tall Sally only do trousers?! To get a winter coat that still fits I've had to buy a Next tall coat 3 sizes too big, it fits my arms and body but hangs like a tent lol. The dresses I bought are now being used as tops as they only just cover my bum, and the maternity tops I had no longer cover my bump. I'm tempted to start a range myself for just in case I get pregnant again, except I wouldn't know where to start!

  • I had a similar problem BLL, they also seem to think that petite girls don't get pregnant! The few dresses I've managed to buy are a horrible length on me!

  • I found h&m and newlook pretty good. I called up local store to ask.

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