C Section - under General anaesthetic

Does anyone have any experioence of this?


  • yes, i had L by category 1 crash section under general anaesthetic, so extreme life/death situation and required immediate intubation,

    my cousin had one as her spinal or epidural failed, hers wasnt an emergency and she was well aware of why it was being done where as i have absolutely no recollection of anything about an hour pre birth but can try to answer questions if you have anything specific

  • Yes, I too had a crash section under general anaesthetic.  I remember everything that happened in the run up to it, although am still haunted by not being there for Zoe when she was born and only finding out 2 days later that she been resuscitated.

    If you have any questions I'll be happy to help.  I'm not sure from your post if this is something you have experienced, will be having a planned section under GA or some other angle.

  • Thanks for replying ladies, I had a midwife appointment today and they have said I am not allowed to have a epidural or a spinal block due to my past medical history, therefore if I need a c section then I have to be asleep, I'm really upset about it as I am worried about bonding with the baby etc

  • my mum had 3 sections, both me and my sister's deliveries were under GA. It was in the olden days (70s)  when spinal/epidurals were rare! It hasn't affected our bond, just wanted to reassure you xxx

  • My daughter was born by emergency C section, she became distressed and her heart rate dropped dangerously though so it was quicker for them to give me a general, I was upset about the fact I wasn't awake but I bonded straight away with my daughter, I'll never forget coming round from the anaesthetic and my OH walked in holding her Fluffy

  • i didnt have any bonding issues at all with L, i woke up and was in quite a bit of pain and was on strong pain killers but this was because it was a crash section and the need to get him out was extreme iyswim so id been tugged about loads.

    i was quite tired but again this could be down to the trauma.  

    within 5 hours they had him trying to breast feed and i was encouraged to give skin to skin a lot.  

    i felt such guilt for so long because i wasnt there when he was born, but you know what, its took me about 3 years to realise that he was born and we were both safe iyswim, the delivery was such a small part of it.  

    we had some feeding issues but i then bf him till 14 months, H got the first hold and he gave skin to skin till i woke up which H counts as special

    i remember waking up and looking at H sitting holding him.

    not sure of the details of my cousins section but she has bonded fine with her son too.

  • i know this sounds really daft but i want to be the first one to hold him/her or to put it in clothes, i dont want to wake up and know that other people have seen or held him or her! i know that sounds really selfish! also feel like i am just going to wake up and someone will be like '' heres your child'' but it wont feel like mine? it could be anyones? i know i am being really dramatice but it's really upsetting me! i wont be awake to hear its first cry or to know what sex it is and i will have to be informed second hand!

    sorry for the ranting but i just feel a bit lost!

  • I had a cs under GA with my first. I found it hard to come to terms with but after a debrief session with the hospital (4 years later!!) I felt better about it. I never had any bonding issues though. Breastfeeding was no harder with my first than my second who i had by cs with epudural x

  • Maisie was yours planned?

  • Sorry missed your last post. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have to say though it was my H who told me the sex and he held her all the time they were sorting me out. It was nice to find out the sex from him. Maybe you could request that in your birth plan?  Dont forget too even if you had a cs under epidural, someone else would dress the baby first as you would still be out of action for some time. I breastfed G as soon as i woke up which was an hour after she was born x

  • No mine wasnt planned x

  • I'm sure a planned GA section is very different from an emergency GA and you can write in your birth plan your wishes. I'm not sure how long you need to come round and maybe your baby will be dressed by the time you are awake but you could specify that it is in clothes you have chosen and perhaps the daddy can do it. Lots of daddies have the first cuddle after a section even under spinal. My son was born under spinal but I still didn't get to see him for 24 hours as he was taken to the NICU and I was receiving intensive care nursing for my pre eclampsia.  I won't lie to you it was strange being wheeled to an incubator and being told that this was my baby.  I also didn't get to hold him for a week or do the first nappy etc, it was tough but I accepted that it was the safest thing for both of us. there will be lots of other 'firsts' that you can build memories with.

  • I have no experience of this, but could you request that no-one tell you and you undress baby a little to find out for yourself? Or get your H to tell you? I had a fairly straight forward birth but H did the first few nappy changes and certainly the first change of clothes. I'm sure that if its a planned one you can prepare for such eventualities :)

  • I totally understand, it took me a long time to come to terms with it. But I felt better knowing that my h had him immediately and gave skin to skin, I woke up and it was h who told me Lucas was here (on his wristband it just said baby boy if cherry pie iyswim) he hadn't been weighed either. As soon as my eyes were open the theatre assistant put him to me for skin to skin, I was out of it but I can see why they did it.


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