C section and not being able to breast feed

Ok so its a bit of a long one

After my appointment yesterday I want to try and be as prepared as I can for worst case scenario! So I've been told if I have to have a C section I have to be asleep,cannot have skin on skin, hubby cannot be in theatre with me and I am not allowed to breast feed for at least 24 hours because of the GA

So what do I need

I've got some formula, and I have loads of bottle but they obviously wont be sterile?

Can I express colostrum before I go into Labour and freeze it? I really have no idea, I really want to be able to breastfeed the baby as soon as I can and do not know what to do to prepare?

My milk after the section will obviously have the GA in it so I imagine I can't use thatif anyone has any advice I would appreciate it
Thank you


  • I'm not an expert but I'm sure that pumping before the baby is born can make you go into labour? I would guess you'd need to ask the cons if it would be ok to do this, and at what stage it would be safe (certainly not yet!!).

  • OB I'm sure that's not true, you can breastfeed right through pregnancy (I am) and it won't make you go into labour so I don't see why pumping would. Some people do think that nipple stimulation can help bring on labour but that's only if labour is imminent anyway (much like eating pineapple or going for a long walk).

    NLH in your shoes I would contact your local La Leche League for the best advice.

  • NLH, not suee if you saw my post on tri thread today but I think if you are leaking you'll be able to collect and freeze your colostrum. I'd advise seeing a bf counsellor for advice before the birth to help you feel more prepared too.

    There are people on here though who bfed after having a GA section, cherry pie maybe?

  • I know people that have pumped in late pregnancy and stored milk do i am sure its possible. A girl i know is still breastfeeding her 3 year old and is pregnant too but you are right it can sometimes cause mild contractions so get some professional advice.

    I had GA with my first and breastfed in recovery an hour after she was born!

    Your husband wont be allowed in theatre if you have GA but why dont you consider getting him to do skin to skin whilst you are in theatre? Also specify in your birth plan that if baby is well he/she is passed to your H for skin to skin/cuddles and not left on the rescusitare.


  • NLH- I'm in exactly the same position in that the anaesthestist is suggesting a GA, although no decision has been made yet. I really didn't fancy it because of not being awake, OH not being there, and being told the pain relief post op is not good compared Epidural etc... but accepted if that's what needed to be done fair enough. Not sure how we got onto the subject but I was talking to my brothers friend about it and she had a GA with her 3rd baby.

    She said the GA was fine. She came around quickly, something to do with giving you a small dose of GA because they have to get the baby out before it effects them. She said the pain relief was fine, her OH got to see the baby whilst she came around and she was home quite quickly. It didn't effect her bonding at all, infact she said that she probably bonded more quickly with her 3rd than she did with her 2nd, as her 2nd's birth was so traumatic. Sorry that didn't answer the BF question but it reassured me, so thought some points might help you.

    On the BF point when does your milk come in? I'm 31+2 and nothing yet.

  • I didnt stay in hospital any longer with my first when i had GA than i did with my second when i had an epidural x

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