c section scar help

Well 6 weeks on and no issues with healing until yesterday. 2 points on my scar are weeping and bleeding. Doc had a look, took a swab and gave antibiotics just in case. Im now wearing a sanitary towel over it as protection.
Is there anything else I can do? Did anyone else have this. Im scared im going to end up with a hole in my tummy (I really should stop reading take a break)


  • Can you put salvos on it or anything? Maybe just bathe it in salt water? Xx

  • Mine was like this. Saw three different midwifes all of which said it wasn't infected even though there was yellowy green stuff oozing out! Finally went to the doctors , she didn't swab it but just gave me anti biotics and said if it hadn't started to improve within two days to go back to her. I didn't expect to see an improvement that fast but I did. It started to dry out and the holes I had closed up. When I finished the course of anti biotics a week later I felt great.

    I'm now ten weeks after my c section and feel totally healed. My scar is fine. The area where it was infected is a thicker darker purple colour to the rest of it but I'm sure that will fade in time and might be because mine was oozing for three weeks before I finally got anti biotics given.

  • Are you taking arnica? I also put tea tree oil in my maths.

    Difficult but try to get as much air to it as possible.
  • Baths! Not maths!
  • Jelly tot. Mine is exactly like that. The doc wasn't concerned at all and I don't think she would have given me anything if I hadn't still got an ear infection. Im concerned though as its weeping and smells a bit

    Hopefully these antibiotics will work. I will also try the salt solution and keeping it aired

    Thanks ladies x
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