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Calling all that have had CVS

When did you arrange it?

How quickly did an appointment come through?

How far along were you when you had it? (And did you have to have an early dating scan before they would commit to doing it?)

How long did the results take to come through?

As for the procedure.... how long did it take? Was it painful? What was the recovery like?

I will call our genetics clinic at the end of next week to get booked in so can ask other questions as well, but just wanting a bit of an idea! I think they originally said (before we were ttc and the meeting was around a year ago) they would do the CVS between 10 and 11 weeks. Typically, I'll be 10 weeks the Wednesday before Easter weekend, so in that 1 week timeframe there's only 4 days that are not weekend or holiday, and 1 of those 4 days we'll be coming back from my birthday weekend away. We're NHS funded so I doubt I'll get to choose a day really, but any extra info to help decided before or after our mini-break would be useful (if we get the choice).

Thank you all Big Smile


  • When did you arrange it?- I was 12+3

    How quickly did an appointment come through? - got appointment that afternoon for the week later at 13+4

    How far along were you when you had it? (And did you have to have an early dating scan before they would commit to doing it?)- see above

    How long did the results take to come through?- results for the biggies (downs, Edwards, pateaus and turners) came through within 3 days and the full karotyping was 2 weeks which is the norm

    As for the procedure.... how long did it take? Was it painful? What was the recovery like? - procedure took 3 hours as my placenta wasnt in correct position so had to drink loads to move it round, the actual procedure was a scan to check position if placenta, then they inserted the cannula and pipe cleaner and then collected the cells and then a rescan to ensure baby was ok, it lasted maybe 10 mins. I took it really easy over the weekend, wasnt allowed to lift etc.

    Just so that you are aware (sorry to be doom and gloom) but if you are having cvs at 10/11 weeks its going to be tight if you need to have a TFMR, the results of full karotyiping take 2 ish weeks sometimes longer if looking at specific cells so after 12 weeks you have to have medical management TFMR which involved being induced, going through labour and delivery, if under 12 weeks its surgical management. I was 18 weeks so had to deliver. So I'd see your gp and ask for refferal for the earliest possible time iyswim

    Good luck x

  • Not sure what your circumstances our, but for us we had a call the day after our scan to say we had high risk blood results. We went to the hospital the day after, were told the options for next steps and chose the CVS. The CVS was the next day. I'm not sure if ours moved more quickly because of the circumstances.

    I would have been 12+4 at the time of the CVS.  It didn't take long at all. I lay on my back in a scan room, one midwife kept scanning me so the other could do the procedure and check baby wasn't in the way.  It was uncomfortable, but not painful, it just kind of took my breath away a bit - and that was because my placenta was in a difficult position. I took it easy that day but otherwise no recovery needed as such.

    They can actually do the CVS between 10 and 13 weeks I believe, and if you're not sure about your dates there's a possibility they would want to date your pregnancy, again I guess depending on your circumstances.

    I would have thought they could work around it to a degree, particularly if you're away.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you ladies. I am only 3+3 so very early days; I'm sure on my dates as I was temping and using OPKs so know when I ovulated. I'll need a CVS as I'm a carrier for a genetic disorder, and as you point out CP, the earlier we know the better because if it's bad news I REALLY don't want to have to deliver. I would much prefer surgical management and I have been googling (bad!) and the NHS pages suggest that certain surgical approaches are available up to 15 weeks. Obviously these are all things I would discuss with my GP and the genetics clinic. I guess the closer to 10 weeks I can get, the better in terms of my options if the results take a fortnight or more to come back.

    It's possible that the results for the specific condition I carry would come back sooner - but obviously they'll still check for everything.

  • Jesus! Surgical management at 15 weeks Eek, I actually think that would be very traumatic and the recovery woukd be longer, my consultant said the risk of complications in future pregnancies/scarring/infection risk etc  post 12 weeks is quite high. It woukd be an idea for the gp to refer you to foetal medicine ASAP so you can speak to someone x

  • I'll call my genetic counsellor next week as I believe she'll be doing all my referrals. I dug out the notes I make in our last meeting and I'd written down that results should be back by 13 weeks at the latest... there are no gaurantees though!

  • We were similar to dinx, bad nucal scan, knew we were likely to be high risk so jut had to wait for bloods to confirm. They called next day to say we were 1 in 5 odds, that was the wednesday. Had an appointment for the Friday for cvs, results came through Thursday morning but they were still inconclusive, although we spoke to the hospital and they invited us in that afternoon to explain the results further. We had already been given a 2% chance if things being ok, so we took first pill that day and I came back on the Saturday to be induced.

    The actual cvs, was a long scan and then the procedure. Ours took longer as we had people in to watch the procedure including the guy who actually came up with the nucal measurement theory. He knew then she had turners just from scan. I had some cramping for couple if hours and I rested over the weekend but wasn't really that bad after the actual thing was done.

    Think I was 12+3 at the time of cvs

  • We were advised to get a cvs because our screening blood work came through as 1 in 70 for downs.

    When did you arrange it? I was 11+3 at first attempt, 12+3 at 2nd attempt

    How quickly did an appointment come through? We agreed on Sunday I was seen on Wednesday, very quick

    How far along were you when you had it? (And did you have to have an early dating scan before they would commit to doing it?) it wasn't something we ever wanted to have to do, we were advised to get it after our 12 week scan even though nuchal was fine etc

    How long did the results take to come through? 3 days for initial, a week and a half for full results. All were clear but obviously we are not out of the woods yet at all.

    As for the procedure.... how long did it take? Was it painful? What was the recovery like? I'm not really sure it was a bit of a blur, maybe an hour and a half scan was first then procedure had a consultant specialist and a person studying and an assistant specialist nurse there. It was uncomfortable mostly but the worst pain was when they were scraping for a sample. Nothing worse than period pain though

  • Thank you, it sounds as though appointments can be arranged quickly then. I'll ask my GP if we can try and book it for 10 weeks (which is 2 days before Good Friday, when we also go on holiday for a few days but only in this country) and just hope that results come back very quickly.

  • Quick update, I've just spoken to clinical genetics and their fetal unit has recently changed protocol to only do CVS at 11+3 which threw me into panic, until they said that the results for my particular condition take only a few days to come back, so they are always working towards to goal of having all results before the cut off for surgical termination. To ensure that they get the CVS done at the right time, even though I'm sure on my dates, they are referring me for a dating scan at 8 weeks. I'm excited, nervous and anxious in equal measures.

  • I really don't understand how they can only do cvs at 11+3, I was 12+3 when reffered for mine so would they just not have done it??? Or do you mean for elective cvs its 11+3??

  • They can do CVS anytime until 13 weeks (sorry, should have made that clearer - I meant 11+3 at the earliest). Obviously they want to do it as early as possible when elective, to maximise the chances of having results back in time for 1st tri termination, so the original documentation I had said 10-13 weeks, but they have changed their protocol to 11+3 as the ideal earliest (although I assume that if 11+3 is on a Saturday, they'd probably do 11+2 etc to be a bit flexible).

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