Can we have a name thread?

Even though im not pregnant or Ttc Laugh I do love a good old name thread!

so today's name thread requirements are: your  current boy and girl favourite. and your hs  favourite 

il start

Baby boy Elijah, Joel and Saul 

Baby girl Cora and Iris


Baby boy Icarus Weep

Baby girl Natasha Weep and Jessica

such a shame my h will never get to use any of his names



  • Girl: Tess

    Boy: Joey

  • Girls: Beatrix and Georgiana for me, H is stuck in the 70's with Katherine and Rachel. I don't think we're going to get to any compromise soon Weep

    Boys: Nathaniel for me, Raphael for H. We'd agreed on Reuben for a boy this time. I'm gutted we won't get to use that now.

  • I don't like any girls names that I'd consider using but my fav boys is Edward / Teddy / Ted

    H doesn't discuss names.

  • Belle my friends LO is Ted (not a shortening, he'd just Ted, sometimes Teddie, I love it!)

    My h doesn't usually but he's v broody and said o iv not told u the boys name I want...Icarus... I was like erm

    Wtf! Lol

  • The ones I like that h has said are definately not happening are

    Boys: Arthur, Felix

    Girls: dulcie, belle

  • I love Eli and Ethan for boys and Nell and Willow for girls

  • H doesn't have any major favourites i don't think..!

  • I currently love Delilah for a girl and Oscar for a boy!

  • H never really talks names, but i know he wanted Caitlin for E

    If we were to ever have a 3rd i'd be pushing for either Scarlett, or Ruby for a girl

    For a boy i'd like Lewis

  • My H doesn't have an opinion. He's happy to go with what I like/want. (I chose J's name, including his 2 middle names)

    Girl - Brodey. I always loved Darcey (was my girls name of choice when pg with J) but glad I didn't get to use it, as it has become far too common now.

    Boy - Brodey.

    Kinda sad we're not having another, i'd love to use this name.

  • No idea :-/ If my 3rd is a girl I will struggle big time.

  • We've currently agreed Rosie for a girl and Seth for a boy.

    H has vetoed Constance/Connie and Sylvie for a girl which I love and he's proposed Jessica instead, which I'm not keen on.

    I love Ted/Teddy for a boy but again, H was against it. He would name a boy after any of his current favourite Spurs players if I let him Huh?

  • Popcorn my h named most of the man city team for all of our children Bang head

    O I forgot I really like Seth too [adds to list]

  • Didn't Teddy Sheringham play for Spurs?!

  • After talking H out of naming a boy after various rock stars we have decided on 2 names

    Boy - Dexter James

    Girl - Annabelle Jane.

  • Belle

    Didn't Teddy Sheringham play for Spurs?!

    Now I'm torn. I could use this to get my way and suffer the consequences of H telling everyone that our son is named after an ex-Spurs player.

    I think I might stick with Seth...!

  • LP- I too have had the pleasure of talking H out of naming children after various rock stars!

    Top ouf our list at the minute;

    Boy- Cooper

    Girl- Zara

    I love Erin for a girl but H hates it due to the old 'I used to know an Erin and they were horrid'. <sigh>

  • Little Pixie
    After talking H out of naming a boy after various rock stars we have decided on 2 names

    My 2 boys share their names with American "rock stars", although weren't named after them.

    What were his suggestions?

  • Currently for a boy Arthur is the ultimate front runner. It's the only one we both love. For a girl Eva and Ivy are top of the list. H loves scrlett but i really don't. We might comprimise and use it as a middle name at some point though.

  • I doubt I'll ever get to use mine now but the most recent ones we had were Olive and Jude. I still love the name Roman but H wasn't having any of it.

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