Can we have an ask my million questions day!?

Since the board is quiet and I have 10mins, I think about these random things all the time so thought I would ask!!

1. For formula feeders, how do you measure how much your LO takes? What I mean is, I make O 6oz bottles but by the time I add 6scoops of powder to 6oz of water its almost 7oz of fluid. My HV asked me at his imms what he was taking, he normally leaves around 1oz in the bottle so is this still just 5oz even though he's had 6oz from the bottle?

2. Is it bad for their eyes or anything to see TV at this age (15weeks). I have the TV on when I'm pottering about during the day and given a chance, O watches it. I know he will just see the colours etc but I tend to turn him away from it or move round so he's not looking at it as I wasn't sure if it was 'ok!'? If I'm holding him and walking about, he'll throw his head round to see it if I move and he can't see if anymore. 

3. When did you stop putting scratch mits on your LO's? I don't tend to put them on during the day but I do when I put him down to nap and at night as he's a terrible face scratcher and when he's tired he rubs his face but often really pokes himself in the eye! Is this something they just become more aware of as they get older?

4. For morrck users, what do your babies wear under the blankets? Do you put a hat on plus the hood? Do you do extra layers or just their indoor clothes?

5. Do you have a travelcot/playpen? Just now O loves his play gym so if I need to nip to the loo, go to the kitchen of anything I put him down on his gym and he'll kick away there for a good half hour to let me get things done. Conscious however that once he gets on the move leaving him will be a no-go so did you have somewhere 'safe' to put them?

6. O is desperate to get himself sitting up, as soon as I lie him back he's trying to pull himself up into a seating position. He loves when I put him next to me on the sofa but he can't support himself yet so I'm sort of holding him which is really awkward. Is there anything at this age that they can get as a sort of support seat!? (Not sure if this even exists)

Grateful if anyone can answer all or any of these!x


  • Hi MDD

    1. I always go with how much water I put in and how many scoops. One scoop of formula is 1oz, currently O takes 7 scoops so I go with 7oz.

    2. I don't think it's bad for them, like you say it's just the colours which they like and the movement, I wonder as well if it's just there a focal point of your room, O will look at ours when it's not on!

    3. I stopped at about 6 weeks he kept pulling them off and getting upset by them, he did scratch his face every so often but never badly

    4.dont have one so no help I'm afraid

    5. O is 6 months and rolls around he still goes under his gym when I go in the kitchen etc as there is nothing he can get to to hurt himself, he also goes in his jumperoo

    6.can he hold his head up? If so I very naughtily used a bumbo at that age, never for long and he could hold his head and body up, if not you can get these sit up bears from mothercare which encourage it

  • Hi mdd

    1. I would go with what the total amount is after adding the formula

    2. No idea if it's bad for their eyes. I hope not as B  sees the tv far too much as I am guilty if sticking a Disney film on the keep W quiet

    3. Never had much success with mitts as both mind would pull them off with their mouth from early on

    4. No idea, don't have one!

    5. Currently I put b on a play mat to have a roll about in, and I have a baby Einstein activity seat (like a jumperoo but the seat in the middle spins round but doesn't bounce). So I also put her in there now if I leave the room.

    6. A bumbo seat. Mallows them to sit and supports them so it keeps them in the right position when their back isn't strong enough to sit unaided. Helps strengthen the muscles in their back

  • Thankyou ladies!

    Noodles so if O left an oz in the bottle would you say he had taken 6oz? She always asks what he's taken and I just tell her what's left in the bottle! No idea what she takes from that.

    I've not heard of a bumbo, off to google now! He can hold his head great but can't keep his body up, when I lift him now he doesn't need his neck supported but if I sat him down he starts to slide down as he's not bald go hold his whole body up. I was thinking of a jumperoo too but I thought he was a big small yet.

  • I think a bumbo is your best bet , it's perfect once they're good at holding their head up well. You can normally pick them up cheap on eBay

  • 1. As Noodle said, I always worked on the basis that 1 scoop = 1oz so if he was having 7oz I'd fill the bottle to the 7oz mark with water and add 7 scoops. It never even occurred to me to look at the amount after the scoops were added. If he left 1oz then, to me, he's had 6ozs.

    2. I don't think it's bad for their eyes as such, unless of course they sat watching it for really long periods at a time.

    3. I think I stopped putting scratch mitts on when he  was able to keep taking them off.

    4. Can't help as never had a Morrck.

    5. We bought a playpen as soon as F got mobile. It meant that he could play safely whilst I popped to the loo, answered the door, got showered, etc. I couldn't have managed without it.

    6. We also used a Bumbo but not until around the 5 month old mark when he could support his head a little.

  • 1. Sorry I'm clueless about formula!

    2. I wouldn't think it is bad for their eyes, I have it on a lot for background noise. Maybe try the radio instead if you are concerned?

    3. Never used scratch mits,just kept his fingernails short.

    4. In the car seat I just put him in indoor clothes as otherwise he's too warm. Outside I dress him in a coat or snowsuit depending on how cold it a hat.

    5. We got a playpen when A was 11 months, he isn't a fan but needs must!

    6. We used a bumbo from about 16 weeks as he had great head control. Look on eBay or gumtree...ours was 7 quid!

  • Yes I would have said they had 6oz. Jumperoo is also good, O was in his at 15 weeks but he could support himself

  • Hey MDD, I'm a bit late to this so probably cant offer more than what's been said but will answer anyways!

    1. I always judge it on what I made up so if I did 6oz of water and 6 scoops and there was an oz left i'd say she had 5oz

    2. When k went to t!y post natal group with E the HV said no TV before 2 years but didn't actually say why. I'm guilty of putting cbeebies on for E (it was a life saver before A was properly diagnosed) and i have clocked A watching it sometimes too! I think it's more the colours and movement that fascinates her. Theres an actual baby TV channel so it can't be horrendously bad can it?!

    3. A has never worn scratch mitts so can't help there sorry!

    4. I tend to just leave her in what she's wearing and wrap her in it well but then A hates having to wear a coat and screams blue murder when we put her in one so this might just be a cop out from me!

    5. I occasionally put E in a travel cot - most of the time it was when I was pegging out washing and didn't want her crawling round the garden. Other than that I just went with the stairgates to keep her in, the baby proofing and weeing very quick!!!!

    6. A bumbo is a lifesaver if he's got the head and neck control. I also had this cushion from Galt which was a big U shaped dinosaur which they could lol on before they could sit properly and then caught them when they were sitting but were still very wobbly. It did all the crinkly, rattly, sqeaky bits too so kept them entertained as well!

  • Just also remebered , A spent a lot of time in one of those sit me up cosy things as she didn't like to lie flat. They can short of half sit/half lie in them if that makes sense?!

  • Wees said about the formula. I make up 7oz and if an oz is left I'd say he's had 6oz. Such a rare thing though, he's a total milk monster!

    S will always try and watch TV given half a chance. Favourites are pointless and the football. We send a lot of time out of the house though so it's a minimal amount of time that he will ever actually see of it. I try and direct him away from it by singing nursery rhymes to him to make me feel better about it!

    We still use the babygrows with scratch mitts at night as his hands freeze. We don't bother during the day or for naps though. I think we stopped at a few weeks old then.

    I leave S in what he's wearing and wrap the morrck around him. If its been very cold, I put a hat on him and once stuck a blanket over him when he got out of the car but he really is snugly warm in it so I worry about him being too hot otherwise.

    S isn't interested in rolling that much so he stays where I put him for now. He likes his jumperoo though.

    S always had really good head control so I think we used a bumbo from around 16 weeks. He can almost wriggle out of it now though so it's not had much use, I'm glad we borrowed rather than bought. You could try a playnest thing as well?

  • Thankyou ladies, ,been looking at a bumbo and a jumperoo. I'm not sure on the bumbo, he doesn't really like getting restrained in his bouncer so think he might escape from the chair!

    I left his scratch mits off last night and I keep his nails cut as short as I can get them (I know all thru have is milk but by god does his nails grow fast!!) and we've woken this morning to a big scratch on his nose, I think he's drawn blood, so mits back on tonight!

  • Re the morrck, part of the reason for using them is that babies shouldn't wear padded coats or snowsuits in the car seat so the morrck acts as a coat in effect for the baby. Z wears her normal clothes and then I wrap the morrck over, I don't tend to use the hood though so I just pop a hat on if we're outside.

  • Jumperoo is ace for being able to leave the room and still find the baby where you left them!

  • Thanks Isis, I know it's in replace of a pram suit etc I was more meaning do I go hat and hood and should I put a cardi or a little jumper or something on him. He tends to put his arms up by his face so sometimes if I've already wrapped him he can end up with little covers over his shoulders etc.

    I make sure he had gloves on and a hat and I'll just go with the weather as to whether I might put a little cardi on too x

  • 1. I go on the amount of water and number of scoops so not the total amount once powder is added.

    2. F always loved the TV, I didn't restrict it. He gets baby tv on now when I'm busy but he doesn't sit and watch it constantly so not like he is staring at the screen all the time so it doesn't concern me.

    3. Never really used them as I used the fold over hands on sleepsuits but stopped at a few weeks old as he liked to hold a muslin.

    4. I only use a morrck in the car seat so no hat on and normal clothes underneath.

    5. I use a travel cot but it's only now at 10 months we need to start using it. Previously he could be trusted for a quick run to the loo, anything longer he went into the bouncer or jumperoo.

    6. I use a mama and papas snug seat as I preferred it to the bumbo. It has a play tray so he sat in it in the bathroom whilst I showered and played with the toys.

  • Thanks TP what travel cot did you get? Did you say it had a changing table? Were going away next month for a week so I was thinking about getting one for taking away, plus I'm sure he would get use of it when he's older and on the move or for staying at my mums.

    Also what did you prefer about the m&s chair, to my untrained eye they look very similar?x

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