Can you give unsweetened soya milk to a 7 month old??

H is seven and a half months and has a dairy allergy. We don't express or use formula but im wondering if he can have soya milk eg in porridge or cereal?

any advice appreciated x


  • Spoke to th dietician last week about soya. After 6 months is fine, BUT soya has a similar milk protein structure to cows milk, so there's something like a 40% chance they could have the reaction to that too. She advised to start with a spoon or two of a soya yogurt, morning preferably so to watch for a reaction. If they're ok slowly build up till you're sure they can handle it. It's then fine to use in cooking etc, but shouldn't be their sole milk source yet. Hth x

  • Thanks missusS that's really helpful. Do you know if they can have any soya yoghurt or if there is anything else I need to be aware of. We see the paediatrician in 2 weeks so its keeping going until then

    How is your little H doing?

  • A long as it's not their main milk it's ok after 6, months. However, as missus s has said there's a strong possibility, like my baby, that he may also be intolerant to soya too. You could use oat or coconut milk in cereal and there are few types of non-soyal cheese, but i never found any. We've just stuck to baby puddings in jars that I know are not milk or soya based. Avoid rice milk, there's something in it not suitable for young children. Any other questions, just ask. There seems to be a few of us with dairy intolerant babies. X

  • Yeah any soya produt really but yogurts have a quite high content of the soya so suggested those. Haven't dared try yet... I dont think theres anything else really. they talked me through how they test for growing out of the milk allergy but his is so severe i wont be trying it anytime soon. He's doing really well, loving food in general, just trying to make sure he's taking at least 600ml of milk alongside! What about your little one?

  • Thanks lwo. Which baby puddings did you find were ok? His main milk is still breast milk but I may try a little bit if soya see what happens.

    MissusS - so glad H is doing well aside from his allergy. It's scary how fast the time has gone though isn't it, where are our little babies. My H is doing great apart from sleeping! He's into everything and is a real cheeky chappy but it keeps me on my toes!

  • Lovely :) puddings I use for Henry are the Ella's kitchen fruit pouches or hipp jars, be carefully to check for milk though. I think there's a few banana types, banana and peach melba, red berry compote etc

  • Same as Missus S. Also organix fruit pots and heniz do some fruit pouches that S loves. As long as they don't contain milk, and it often states clearly if it does, you'll be fine with baby food. You can also make custard using custard powder and baby's milk. If you're going to try soya milk, I'd use the formula, not the normal milk because it'll contain extra vitamins. We gave S wysoy initially. Be warned though, S had a terrible reaction from her first experience of normal soya milk and was quite ill for the rest of the day. I've not dared try it again. Coconut milk is quite nice as an alternative.

  • If you're going to buy soya milk get the Alpro one with the giraffe on the front as it has added calcium. Children have had problems with bad teeth due to being on soya milk.

  • Thanks everyone, sounds like there is more too it than just giving soya milk then! I might wait until we see the paediatrician next week and try and confirm his allergies a bit more

    I'm sure I'm going to have loads more questions!

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