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W is starting to get too big for his car seat, but he is only 4 months old and we need another rear facing seat for him. Preferably one that we could eventually turn round. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  • We had this problem too.  We got a britax first class.  It's rear facing until 13 kg and then forward faces till around 4 years old depending on weight.  

  • Kiddicare also do a similar one in their baby weavers range.

  • We had a britax first class plus too

  • You might still be ok with the car seat you've got. I think it's a case of as long as his ears aren't higher than the back of seat, then he would be fine in it.

  • Can you show us a photo of him in in?

    What makes you think he's too big? My 99.6th and for height and north of that for weight baby lasted until 11 months so I'd be amazed if he really has outgrown it at 4/5 months.

    For rear facing it's when the top of their head is over the top of the seat that they are too big, not their ears, that's for forward facing.

  • He is really long in the legs and when he's fastened into the car, his feet look smooshed up against the back of the car. the straps in the car seat wont go any higher.  there is still loads of space for his head, but i can't see how he's going to be able to use the space given the way the straps work.  I'd be happy if i didn't need another car seat as yet though! i just worry a lot!

  • Bent legs don't mean he's to big for it. He's not to big until his ears are at the height of the back of the seat. What seat do you have?

    My two went straight into the Britax first class as its rear facing until 13kg. Mine were about 18 months when I turned them.

  • It's a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix.  He doesn't look too big for it any other way other than his legs.  My sister in law mentioned it when she saw him in it yesterday, and that's what made me think that maybe we needed another one.  I want him to be safe and comfortable, and if he's going to be ok in the one i've got for another wee while then that's good for me!  He is a big baby, he was 7.5kg when he was last weighed just over a month ago and he's in 6-9 month clothes for the length.  he's getting weighed again tomorrow.

  • Cabriofix fits them upto 13kg, so he should be fine for a long time yet - it's their head/neck that is what you should base it on rather than legs.  

    If you are looking for something else, I can definitely recommend the Besafe Izi Combi Isofix - we had this for C from a year old, although can be used earlier, and he stayed rear facing up until he was over 3.5.

  • In that case, he's absolutely fine in the seat he has.  there is a good amount of space for his head and shoulders yet!

    Thanks ladies!

  • I asked exactly the same thing about the same time.  Their legs are meant to froggy so absolutely fine as others said until head is over the top.  We went down to the Milton Keynes safety centre with our E (who's 91st percentile for height and weight) and we're told our maxi cosy should be fine until she's at least 15 Months.  

    If you think about it though, the problem isn't the seat with the legs its the space between the seat and the seat of the car, no rear facing seat will be able to extend that space..

  • I think there's an element of children having to have bent legs even when they're doing extended rear facing. Having froggy legs is perfectly fine.

  • As the others said he's fine if it's only his legs that are long. Don't forget that half or more of his height growth will be his top half, so even if he grows another 6", 3" of that will be his top half and the other 3" on his legs.

  • I absolutely agree with everything said on this thread.  

    I know the cabriofix goes up to 13kg but I do wonder if anyone has actually had a baby over 12kg in a cabriofix? My daughter was over 4 before she got to 13kg, I really can't imagine putting a 3 or 4 yr old in one !

  • Glad someone posted this as I have been wondering how F is going to fit in his until he is 1. Will keep an eye out for his head creaping over the top. Hopefully it will be a long time yet. Is it ok to take the head cushions out? Seems to be less squashed without them.

  • E still fits her cabriofix at over 17 months old lol!

    We've got a Joie Stages so she can stay rearfacing after that.

    JRJ - I took the wedge out first and then the headhugger later on. I just went on what was comfy for her.

  • My 9 month old was 10kg/22lb (4 weeks ago) and would easily fit in it. X

  • S is 5 months and about 10kg in 9-12 months clothes and I reckon we've got a few weeks left. I have the first class from last time thankfully
  • Have you taken the foam wedge out?  It might give him more space if you haven't already x

  • To put it bluntly, broken legs can be mended broken necks can't.  It honestly doesn't matter if his legs are froggied.  Zoe is almost 5 (how did that happen) and has just gone in to a HBB but still sits with her legs crossed so it can't be that uncomfortable.

    As for fitting an older child in to a Maxi Cosi.  I had Zoe in our infant carrier at age 22 mths.  My car broke down and the recovery truck that came to get us didn't have isofix so we couldn't fit our BeSafe Izi Combifix in it, I then realised that I still had the baby seat in the boot so used that.  Her head was absolutely at the top but not over and she did look rather squished but funnily enough didn't complain at all.

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