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Es head is starting to poke over her car seat. I'm thinking reluctantly that its time to move on to the next stage. She's 100cm and weighs 15.5kg so it's safe for her to have a high back booster isn't it?! Can anyone recommend one? I want one that still has the harness, especially over here as the roads are terrifying and prefer isofix but its not essential. I'll have to order in the uk to collect next month as there's very little choice over here. 


  • If you want a harness you'll need a 123 seat like the britax evolva. Not sure there are any 123 isofix seats

  • Britax do some with harnessesvwhich can be used up to 25kg now x

  • Until recently the best seat would have been evolva. Britax have just launched a new one with harness up to 25kg so worth checking their website. I couldn't find any 123 seats that had isofix.

  • Ok isofix not essential and happy to get a 123 seat. It's Es safety that's paramount. I'll look at the Britax thank you ladies!

  • I've just had an email from mothercare saying britax are launching some new car seats-

    New car seats from BRITAX

    The MAX-FIX keeps your child rearward facing for longer, and the DUALFIX has a rotating seat so you can choose between forward and rearward travelling when your child reaches 9kg. Both are suitable from birth to 18kg.

    XTENSAFIX is a new Group 1-2-3 ISOFIX car seat with extended harnessing up to 25kg.

    The new KIDFIX XP SICT for the older child sets a new safety standard, with XP-PAD technology to hold the child close and is exclusive to Mothercare.

    I've not looked at the website at any of them but from what it says above the Xtensafix might be what you're looking for

  • <aside> E must be so tall! N is tallest of all his friends by a long way and is still only about 95cm!

    I know nothing about car seats though sorry!

  • Is she Hep? Her friends here are so varied! Arabic and Indian friends are teeny but her Western friends are mixed. Her Eastern European friends dwarf her! I just assumed she is average! I think we are going to order the Britax thanks ladies!

  • Louie is in the Recaro Monza Nova because of his height & weight but the Recaro Young Sport is a very good seat and has Isofix. It's only to 18kg mind but Kiddicare have 20% off atm|1&pageView=&N=5001%20936%20356%207731&langId=-1&catalogId=10751&Ntk=primary?cm_sp=category_page-_-Car%20Seats%20Carriers-_-main_hero_recaro_20pc

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