casper or caspar??

This is one of our shortlisted names, ive finally persuaded H to get over his friendly ghost issue!! I dont think its thst well known ss a film amongst kids tbh and so many names have other associations. Anyway there are two spellings which has thrown me a bit. Caspar is the original and is the name of one of the 3 wise men, casper is the more modern/american spelling. I think I prefer the ar but would most people automatically use er and therefore he'd spend his whole life correcting people?? If so is that an issue.....people ask which of 2 versions our surname is regularly and it doesn't really bother me.

opinions welcome


  • I would always spell it Casper. And I would think that spelling it Caspar was a way of trying to make it different iykwim? Not that it is, it's just what I would automatically assume because I've never seen it like that before. Also, when I read Caspar I say it in a silly posh voice in my head, ha!

    The shortened version of my name can be spelt about 6 different ways and to be honest I've just got used to people spelling it wrong. It doesn't bother me.

  • We short listed Jasper and I would spell Casper with an e too. I think it goes well with your surname

  • Er for me too x

  • cat is called Casper :)

  • For me if 'ar' is the more original spelling then I'd use that. We used Shea instead of the more modern Shay. When family kicked up a fuss asking why I threatened to use the most original version of the name Sé. So without going too out there I'd use an older version of the name.

  • Casper. Someone asked this question on a facebook group the other day too. Very few said ar. But guess it depends on what you want. Phoebe is phebe in the bible but we stuck to the 'norm'

  • Casper would be the way i'd assume it'd be spelt.

  • Casper here too....though I prefer the at spelling. As someone who's name is misspelt frequently it wouldn't bother me x

  • The E version. Really like it :)

  • Looks like I suspected then and er would be the best option if we go for it. Ck I didn't know that about phoebe, that's interesting. Goodness knows if we'll choose it though, we go round and round our shortlist and never get closer to narrowing it down!!
  • Casper for sure. I also say Caspar in a silly voice. I do think of Casper the ghost but I still think its a very lovely name and would love to use it myself but H would never agree.

  • I knew a Caspar at uni so would automatically spell it like that but seems I'm in the minority!

  • I'm going against the grain a bit as I actually prefer Caspar to Casper. The latter does make me think of the ghost whereas 'ar' seems more formal/name-like..IYSWIM.

    Both are lovely, anyway! I think you're right too that not many kids these days will think of the ghost!

  • We had the same dilemma and settled on Casper. I do still love Caspar but as someone said above it does feel like it would be a bit posh ' Cass-paaaaarrr'. We also considered Jasper, and Kaspar/Kasper. He is mainly called Cass anyway.

  • Madonna I was actually going to fb you about using the name incase you think we stole it or would be annoyed to have it used again.  

  • Nah, it's not like the three kings emailed me in disgust lol ;)

    No-one owns names!

  • (great taste, obv!)

  • I like both, but I'd pronounce them differently, and I do think the AR ending is a bit posher. Not that that would be a bad thing necessarily, it just depends what you wanted.

  • Ha I know but people can get funny about these things!! I also love milo but cant use it as a close friend has a milo so we must have simikar tsste. Sayinb that our shortlist is a real mixture.

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