Changing bags and mats (pink lining and others)

Last time I used my Yummy Mummy bag until 10/11 months and then I used a normal handbag and didn't carry a changing mat. (not sure when I perfected the standing-up change but I do this pretty much all the time now).

Anyway, I have just got myself an Orla Kiely bag but its secondhand and has no mat. thought I will probably use the PL mat I had before, although part of me would like to sell it with the bag etc and get something new? Obviously not before baby comes next week(!). 

Any recs for a good changing mat? the PL one is very padded and wipeable but most others I've seen aren't as easy to wipe clean or as padded (or not padded at all). 


  • Lol, you know what? I just went on the PL website and they sell the mats/wet bags for £8 with free postage so I just got another one. The wet bags are so useful -I still use one now for my sons spare nappies/wipes/nappy bags even now!

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