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Heartburn has kicked in, and I had it a lot with my son, so knew to expect it and what to expect. I had a burger at our work bonfire night, which brought on a touch of heartburn, but it was shortlived. But I'm getting pain in my chest, right across, even in to my shoulders. It's worse when I move and it hurts to take a deep breath to the point I've ended up out of breath. It's as though someone has put a giant band around my chest and is tightening it. 

I've gone to bed as propped up feels slightly better, and I've got a headache that came on about the same time.

I bet it's something obvious and simple - any ideas what's causing it or what I can do?



  • I get a lot of chest pain similar to what you described (almost like someone very large is sitting on my chest and squashing it!) and my mum said yesterday it could be to do with the heartburn, particularly as like you, I feel marginally better when I'm upright. I told my MW who tested my blood pressure and iron levels, if it doesn't get any better I'd give yours a call to be on the safe side!

  • It's heartburn/indigestion related. I get it at the back, feels like it's inside my lungs. Also get the headache. Try some Rennies, they take the edge off for me.

  • If you don't get any relief then please contact your midwife.  I was admitted to hospital with this, it was like someone had a vice around my chest, I wasn't able to eat or drink for 5 days before I was admitted.  With serious pain relief eventually after a further 4 days in hospital it was sorted enough for me to go home.

  • JB that sounds awful, what was the diagnosis? Have you been okay since?

    Thanks ladies, somewhat reassured I'm not the only one and it's likely heartburn-related. I have always felt like heartburn felt sort of 'chemical' driven and this - and Rose you're totally right - it is just like someone crushing your chest. So this feels muscle/physical more than chemical. But my husband used to get very bad indigestion and says it can feel like external pressure.

    I eventually dozed off late propped almost upright, and when I woke in the night for the loo, it was gone! :D

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