Choosing godparents or supporting adults - advice needed for blog

I will be writing a blog next week about choosing godparents, or supporting adults, and wondered if any of you would like to share how you chose godparents for your children?   Was it a straight forward task or did you deliberate for ages?   And are you happy with your choices now?

Thanks in advance!


  • I was talking about this with a friend just yesterday. We found choosing for ours fairly easy, there have always been obvious people to pick who have been especially important to us and to that particular child.

    #1 has my H's best friend of 35 years plus his wife, and my best friend.

    #2 has H's sister and her H, plus my best friend again.

    #3 isn't christened yet but will have a couple who are both very good friends of ours, my sister and my best friend again.

    Very happy with all our choices - they are all people who will always be good friends of ours even if we don't see or speak to them as often as we used to in some cases.

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