Cillas Birth Story

I've not posted on here for ages, sorry. But for anyone who is interested, here is my birth story. I'd like to first mention that anyone who is having a C section should not be put off by me...after a rough time first time around, followed by a bit of PND, I had got it all pretty out of proportion in my head. It really isn't so bad

Since the birth of my first daughter by emergency C section for foetal distress in 2009 I had a huge fear of having another one. This pregnancy threatened a c section on a few occasions when my 20 week scan showed a low lying placenta. A repeat scan showed the placenta had moved out of the way but the baby was breech. A week later she had turned head down, only to flip back again a few weeks later. At 39 weeks the doctor turned the baby and we were all systems go for a VBAC. And then, despite all my efforts, three failed sweeps, and having mild contractions for two days previously, I went 2 weeks overdue meaning I would have to be induced. Because I’d had a section in the past, the procedure had to be slightly altered from the norm, and again carried an increased chance of needing a c section.

Monday 5th August

We got to the hospital for 8:30 and were shown to a delivery room and strapped up to a monitor. I was examined and because my cervix was still unfavourable they were unable to break my waters. They could not give me the pessary because of the previous section and slightly increased risk of uterine rupture so they started me on the oxytocin drip for 6 hours to try to get my cervix to open enough to break my waters. By 5 pm when the 6 hours were up, the contractions were pretty strong and I was having gas and air to help. I was examined again and was at 2 cm so they broke my waters and ramped up the drip.

A few hours later I was at 6cms and was so excited when I saw the nurses preparing the bassinet and vitamin K injection for when the baby was born. I thought this was it…I was actually going to get my VBAC. When I was next examined it was the most agonising pain, lying on my back during contractions. I remembered that pain from having Amber who went back to back. I knew this one had too (she’s started the day off facing the side). Then I started to lose it when they found I was back down to 5 cm again. I felt it was history repeating itself when I could no longer pass urine and needed catheterising, I was having unexplained blood loss, and yet again the baby’s heart rate was starting to decelerate during each contraction. This time though, I was feeling the need to push, but my cervix just wasn’t budging.

Despite gas and air, pethidine and morphine, I found the contractions much harder to cope with on the drip (with Amber I’d laboured for two days no problem) and by about 10pm I was climbing up the back of the bed, yelling for an epidural (anyone who knows me knows I’m not a shouter). Once it had taken effect I felt much calmer and Darren was able to talk to me and sooth me. He told me he knew how much I’d wanted a natural delivery and I’d tried so hard, but that it was all going wrong in the same way as before. Now was the time to call it quits and agree to a C section. I cried but knew it was the only way.

Tuesday 6th August

The decision was made at about 23:30, Darren got gowned up and joined me in the theatre, and Chloe was born at 00:23. This time it was a much calmer, controlled experience, and having spoken to some of the midwives since, it would seem I was mishandled last time and not given enough information about what was going on. I was also left to labour for too long with little input and no advice. I now feel much more positive about the exp


  • hahaha, the last bit made me giggle!

    Glad your experience was much more positive this time around, if not what was planned. Like you say the main thing is baby is here safe and well and your recovery has been good too :)

  • Glad all turned out well - you made the best decision for you and your baby and there's nothing wrong with that. Congratulations x

  • What a positive story, congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

  • Congratulations, it's a really positive story and as someone hoping for a vbac within the next few weeks I found it a really worth while read. You're right, you did the hard bit over the previous 9 months, you then made the best decision for you and her and hey, she's here safe and sound - what more could you want?

  • congratulations Cilla and welcome to baby Chloe. Glad it was a better experience and hope you are all getting on well :) x

  • Thank you all. I'm glad it came across as positive. I'm especially happy you found it helpful Bridget

  • So pleased that it was a better experience this time for you. Congratulations on the arrival of your little lady! x

  • Love the farting little lady. So glad you had a better experience. Well done C! Xx

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