Cloth nappy mums - cloth for nursery?

Is anyone using cloth nappies for baby at nursery? I went to hand N's registration forms in this morning for her to start when I go back in 9 weeks and they haven't had anyone using cloth before and I'm not quite sure where to start. How do you make it work? What nappies do you use for nursery and how many? How do nursery store the wet and dirty ones? Anything else I need to know or think about?

Thank you! x


  • We use cloth at nursery and it's working really well!

    I only have 1 child, so I basically thought I would make it as easy for THEM (the nursery) as possible. They had also never used cloth, but were very interested to learn and sometimes comment on the patterns!

    He goes in Weds afternoon then all day Thurs and Fri. On Weds I send in a huge drawstring wet bag containing 15-20 nappies - this usually lasts a couple of weeks TBH - and 3 smaller zip-up wet bags. Each day they use one of the smaller bags to store the wet/dirty nappies and they send it home with him.

    We use BumGenius Freetimes and TotsBots Easyfits. I make them up in advance... fold down the boosters, lay on a fleece liner. I wrap each fleece liner with a paper liner to make it easier for them - they just pick up the paper liner and chuck it (with any poo) straight in the bin, then the rest of the nappy goes into the wet bag.

    I chose those brands, and in Velcro rather than snaps, because if I pre-prepare them then IMO they really are as close as you get to a sposie.

    As I say it works really well... the only minor issue was reminding them to fold down the side tabs otherwise the nappies all stick together in the wash. But the zip-up wet bags are great, there's no smell in the nursery and at home I can just unzip the bag and chuck it in a wash. I usually put on a wash on Friday morning, set on a timer so it's washed when I get home from work, then I just rinse and hang out so we have nappies for the weekend.

  • Thanks Saisi, that's along the lines I was thinking. They change them very frequently at our nursery (far more often than I would at home!) so I'm thinking I might invest in another 15 or so cheapies which I can keep just for nursery and a few wet bags. She'll be there Monday and Tuesday all day so sending them in on a Monday morning and collecting dirties each day would work, and I think I'll bring the clean home on a Tuesday as well so I can send a fresh bag each week. She'll have some settling sessions so plenty of time for me to talk them through it. We're using paper liners anyway since we started weaning so I'll definitely send them as well.

  • Yeah I did have to buy some more... I already had quite a few BGs but bought some more TotsBots, my thinking was I could use them for no.2 as well and then sell them on, as they seem to retain value fairly well. Do you know of anywhere selling cheapy Velcro? We use eBay pocket cheapies at home a fair amount but I've only seen them in snaps.

  • We used BumGenius when Zoe was at nursery.  They treated them just like disposables, int hat they put dirty nappies in to a disposable nappy bag, just that instead of throwing them out they put them back in her bag.

  • Thanks JB, think I need to invest in a couple of wet bags as well.

    Saisi, Yellow Bloom on ebay have cheapies with Velcro, we've got a couple and get on well with them and I was thinking Velcro might be better than poppers for nursery as less chance to get them on wrong.

  • Ta Margot, I might have to have a look although H will kill me if I buy any more! I haven't told him but I've preordered a new Frugi Totsbots today and bought another teenyfit too...!

  • Just hide them, and pretend they've always been there when he sees them Saisi! The Yellow Bloom work out at about £35 for 12 with a microfiber insert and I've got lots of boosters already, so think they will work really well for nursery, and there's a free wet bag when you spend over £25 so even better.

  • Oh good thread, I've been thinking about this as well.  I've been buying a few extra preloved easy fits for thebpurpisescof nursery as I don't want them to use my nice prints!  Perhaps some ebay cheapie s are the way forward.  Margot, how bulky are they?

  • Sadly Margot he knows exactly what nappies we have. And he has his favourites too!!

  • No different to any other nappy really Livi, they do need boosting but are really good value for money.

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